This is your first variety show
after leaving the military, right? – Yes, it is!
– Yes, the first one So, I feel that this show is meaningful We’re very thankful
Why did you choose Life Bar as your first? You should’ve done a different show
This is embarrassing for me [Dong Yup] But, because you know
everything about each other, – Doesn’t that make you more cautious?
– [Yu Ra] That can be right (Sigh) – [Yu Ra] They must know all the secrets
– But the thing is Even though we know everything,
we keep our mouths shut to protect them But there are some cases
that are not like that – [Hee Chul] Representatively…
– Before teamwork comes issue on the media
Let’s let burst something out! We always think
‘Life is an individual battle’ Representatively, Yesung and Donghae! Because they’re both
still new to variety shows Even we say “You exposed too much” Yes, Yesung and Donghae! – The show we used to do with Dong Yup
– [Hee Chul] ‘Explorers of the Human Body’! Even in that show, our friend ‘Y’ would… The moment we talk about women I wasn’t going to tell that story (Hee Chul is nervous because of his
friend’s exposure) This story, I feel like Hee Chul
should be a bit worried about He asked the producers
“How much do you know about Hee Chul?” The producers? They didn’t know much [Se Yoon] This is going to be fun (So much fun) You don’t have to worry too much because I can control myself Yes, you’re not Yesung or Donghae – It’s for the media
– Yes, it’s for the media Yesung, Donghae They tell us everything like
“But it’s true you dated her!” “Why would you lie on TV?” [Dong Yup] They usually share
each other’s secret related to women Why don’t they share these days? I think that if they’re interested in girls
from the same field, they would tell Because it might be the same person [Dong Yup] It would be weird [Dong Yup] You call it ‘the end’ I really want to tell you How far can we go with this? (Something must have happened) (Curious)
Just tell us! Anyway, Siwon and I
never liked the same girl I usually avoid dating women
who work in this field It’s not that I haven’t experience it You’ve liked the same girl before? Or you had a thing for someone,
or you want to ask someone out, or… Come on, tell us [Yu Ra] They have so many members Why did you come here today?! You knew I would talk about this
Here, have a drink We’ll drink, just the two of us,
one more time [Siwon] It’s not someone who’s here… It was a long time ago, just as we debuted Unfortunately, we did date the same person
But the shocking part is The woman… for example, dated Siwon and also dated me even though she knew
we were both in Super Junior – Wait, hold on!
– [Yu Ra] Did she cheat on you? We don’t know for sure No, no, she cheated on us
It was before our debut Give us a hint – You don’t have to tell us who it was
– We only have seven members left so… Is she working in show business as well? (Panicking) Ooh, that was sharp! Isn’t she not working at the moment?
Yes, I think it’s been a while I don’t know
I haven’t heard about her since then (That’s enough for us to guess)
Yes, that much is fine That much, yes, yes (What have I done…) Just get over it We’ve never… We’ve never been in a relationship yet We only give out love to our fans I heard that you fought
a lot in the beginning I’m telling you this because Siwon is here I used to be flamboyant Kibum, Siwon, and I were
filming soap operas at the time And we had to practice afterwards as well The three of us used to be roommates Remember? – So, Siwon and…
– See? You say that a lot Oh, it slips out!!!! You can hear it now, right? [Yu Ra] You’ve been doing that
five to six times today It just slips out You keep saying it – You really keep saying it
– [Hee Chul] I do So, we were roommates After work I would
go sleep in the bedroom – We would go home after midnight
– Such a long time ago Once I fell asleep They would turn on the A/C and the TV
and they would play games So, I would call them from my cell to the home phone from a distance not even 10 seconds away Then members who think fast (They hear the phone ring and be quiet) They would turn the volume down
and turn the A/C off Did he change a lot? – I’m like an angel now
– He’s a human now I wasn’t even human…? Is it because puberty hit late? But it was more serious
when I was a trainee! But I wouldn’t say it was puberty Other members were very young Now I come to think of it,
“Why is he complaining over work” is what the others were thinking But Hee Chul on the other hand was like
“Why is that a problem” I was always the middle-man so
he yelled at me once – So…
– Not that one – Then when was it?
– We used to sleep on the same bed He suddenly started swearing at me
in the middle of the night I was sleeping
I’m a really quiet sleeper I was asleep Siwon shows strong affection No, I don’t! Then why did you touch me? I didn’t touch you – It’s not that I touched you
– Then when was the time you did No, I didn’t touch you (Interesting
I didn’t touch you He told me not to come over to his side
because he had to get some sleep That’s so cringy! – Didn’t you? But I was exhausted too
– Oh yeah… When I’m sleeping, I tend to move a lot
and I accidently crossed over And then he started yelling like crazy I was listening and I thought
“Is this that much of a big deal?” He woke up and left – [Siwon] I left
– And he slept in the car You used to be edgy – [Hee Chul] I’m sensitive
– He’s still edgy His nickname was ‘Emotional Roller Coaster’ – [Se Yoon] He’s always drinking something
– He has ups and downs Mr. Emotional Roller Coaster But anyway, it was a long time ago,
so let’s forget about it