You two seem so close to each other! (Yu Ra) (Jang Suwon) (Hi, Yu Ra!)
[Dong Yup] Right, right! No, we’re not – [Jiwon] Hey! Come sit here
– [Yu Ra] Come sit over here [Hee Chul] They are close [Dong Yup] She was startled He’s my ex-husband [Dong Yup] Come, sit, sit (Welcome) [Yu Ra] There are a lot of people (replay!)
[Dong Yup] This is not a common scene (Uncommon scene)
These two are in the same place Did they match their outfits too…? It looks like someone
gave them matching outfits (Patiot matching look)
[Jiwon] Say something [Hee Chul] Your face is extremely red My face turns red when I laugh I sweating because of you He’s a man who sweats for other people Man who sweats for other people [Dong Yup] He’ll sweat on your behalf [Hee Chul] Every time you’re embarrassed [Jiwon] He’s the same as before!
The way he sweats I’m the one who’s embarrassed
and you’re the one who’s sweating Are you sweating on my behalf? You have a lot of fans, so you can’t sweat (Wherever) (Whoever) (Call me when you get embarrassed!)
She must be embarrassed, I’m sweating (Sweat, sweat, sweat) (On your behalf) I’ll sweat for you guys (Man who sweats for other people) [Dong Yup] Every time this kind of
stuff happens, he’ll sweat for you Whenever you’re embarrassed – You’re the same as before
– [Jun Hyun] Oh, of course Jiwon, not talking
in a formal way is surprising (Born in 1978) (Born in 1980)
He’s two years older (Shocked)
You were born in 1980?! Why, why are you shocked?! I thought… that you’d be older Hey, he’s the same age as Sung Hoon – [Dong Yup] It doesn’t make sense!
– [Jun Hyun] What, is that a problem? – Nice to meet you, friend
– Nice to meet you! [Hee Chul] Sung Hoon was like… (Suwon was also born in 1980)
I call him only by Mr. Suwon Jae Duck as well! He’s cute You’re cute [Hee Chul] Jae Duck seemed so rude just now – Why? He’s cute
– [Hee Chul] You’re the same age – I’m older!
– What??? – [Jae Duck] I’m older
– [Jun Hyun] He’s older! (Jae Jin=Jae Duck>Jun Hyun=Sung Hoon=Suwon)
Jae Duck was born in 1979, he’s older – [Jae Duck] He just seems cute
– What kind of reaction is that?! (Gaze with awe)
That’s so cool… But… um… There are a lot of people who don’t know
Yu Ra and Suwon’s relationship status We have prepared a clip
for those who don’t know – Do we have to watch it again?
– [Dong Yup] We’ve never seen it together Oh! There it is! (Video prepared!) [Dong Yup] Not many people know that
that’s Yu Ra’s back Why do you dislike it so much? I didn’t do a good job either… Really? No, you were good! No, I was really bad! Let’s not watch I really can’t watch It’s starting [Suwon] This is too much “Are you telling me that even though I saw
you with a man going into the apartment…” – “That I’m lying?”
– “It’s a misunderstanding! “I’m telling the truth! He was
taking me home because I was drunk!” “You said you fell asleep
while writing a report!” It’s funnier that she hates this so much [Jiwon] She’s crying (Someone comes up to calm her down) (Full of expectation) (Softly staring into each other’s eyes…) (And!) Ahh! (So many great scenes) – [Dong Yup] They kiss!
– I’m going nuts (And the best scene is…)
[Dong Yup] There was a kissing scene?! (Charming Suwon) (Sweating so much) I’m sweating like crazy! (Can’t believe this was 4 years ago) [Sung Hoon] Were they that close? Yu Ra must be really embarrassed Because Jun Hyun is sweating like crazy He’s sweating so much This is your sweat Did you see him running?
It was more shocking than the kiss! – That’s a famous scene as well
– That’s the famous scene! [Dong Yup] The one where he runs! How somebody run like this?! Is this even possible?! How can you run with your arms like this I usually don’t use inner soles,
but Yu Ra is really tall My stylist got me a thick inner sole
in order to get our height just right I think that was why
I looked so uncomfortable No, your arms were weird! Your arm, your arm! I mean, I usually don’t run like that No, you always run like that! (Agreed) I didn’t know they were
showing us that clip Alright (Let’s meet in the next piece) I think it’s higher than Yu Ra’s voice
Ready… go! – Bye!
– Just go, you bastard – [Jun Hyun] He made you do it to say that
– Bye bye… You do it just because he told you to? [Dong Yup] Suwon was in to her
because of stuff like this No, it’s not like that To be honest I asked him if she was pretty
just because I was curious (Positive response) – Like he’s saying yes?
– [Hee Chul] Like he’s remembered Wow, Suwon! [Sung Hoon] Usually Suwon doesn’t do that Wow, Suwon! [Sung Hoon] Usually Suwon doesn’t do that Oh, bump it? She went like this
and he’s like “What is that…” (Excited because of what he saw) You thought she was going to punch you? Or he thought it was
a game of rock, paper, scissors? (This reminds us of someone)
You don’t even know what this is!? Usually people go like this
but she held it straight up to my face (Maybe he forgot how to laugh…) (Root is laughing too) (Still just a smile…) (Finally bursted into laughter) (Acting it out as well) She was politely doing it with both hands
because he’s older than her (Keeping the line) As politely as possible Polite-fist-bump – [Hee Chul] Pol-fist, polite-fist-bump
– Yes, pol-fist!