Chauffeur Drive Service to airport 2019 World’s First First Class – Luxury Interior and Service My own private suite in the hotel of the sky above Meals that can be ordered at any time Shower spa on 40,000 feet with Bvlgari amenities My first ‘FIRST CLASS’ in my life Hi, I’m NAVY! I’m gonna go on a business trip again! Why do I shoot the opening in front of the house today? Because I go to the airport using a special service. The phone is ringing now. It is probably the service. Hi~ A special person came to pick me up. Let’s go! That car K9 will take me to the airport. Now you will probably know which plane I’m going to ride today. Emirates! This is Chauffeur Drive Service, which takes First and Business Class passengers to the airport. Prices vary from region to region in Seoul. You can use it for free in most areas of Dubai. NAVY & BEIGE, going on a business trip together for a long time! It’s my first ‘FIRST CLASS’ Check-in To the lounge! We are now in the Asiana Airlines Business Class lounge. Please sit down politely. I board the first class today, for the first time in life. Her first experience! We decided to board Emirates first class after considering seriously among many airlines’ first classes. Hotel on the sky ‘A380’ first-class and second is important. The second one is the lastest and the luxurious… (coming soon) I’m excited but a little nervous. A little? I’m sooooooo nervous now. Let’s go and enjoy! Let’s eat something first. Hungry. In fact, there is food in front of us. We’ll come back in front of a gate! A ‘fat’ two-floor plane Really big! The exclusive entrance of first-class passengers leads directly to the second floor. BEIGE received a special gift since she was the first passenger to enter a cabin. Golden interior, a representative feature of Emirates A total of 14 seats. 1-2-1 Configuration. All seats are private suites with sliding doors. We are going to sit in couple seats today. snacks in front of a screen Welcome drink BYREDO amenities and a mirror a notebook and a pen This is probably because many business people board here. Lights and Private minibar with water and soda. Mini-monitor interlocked with screen Headset Bedding is set. Lights again. and what is this? It can be opened and used as a storage space. Overall very gorgeous gold. Dates and Arabic tea are provided. This is the date palm. I picked the orange flavor. And Arabic tea. Please open the box. Fluffy fur slippers eye patch pouch So cute! Is there no diamond in it? OMG Bvlgari perfume! Absolutely it offers much better products than Business Class. Basic facial cleanser and dental kit. Lotions. Lipbalm. First Class offers pajamas. It looks like a sweatshirt. Apart from Bvlgari amenity set, BYREDO amenities(pillow mist, sleeping oil, etc.) are provided. A separated room can be made onboard with the only touch of a button. Time to get to know a neighbor Time to say goodbye A completely private space is realized through a high partition. A complete room is created. Beautiful mini bar only for me ‘ICE’ shows flight paths and provides over 4000 in-flight entertainment as well as information about Emirates. Also WIFI information for example, WiFi-enabled area or not and movies There are a lot of movies. Korean movies! There is a Korean movie section. First Class passengers can order in-flight meals at any time. All meals are served in halal food. Pork is not provided because this is an Islamic airline. Because it is a route starting from Incheon, Korean menu information is provided. Finally, an appetizer is served! I ordered Caviar. In fact, I’ve never tried caviar before. How should I eat this? NAVY is trying Caviar the way someday she saw. What the hell is this? I ordered seabass. It’s really delicious! What did you order, BEIGE? Salmon Yeah, I knew that she is gonna order it. This is the salmon appetizer I ordered. The shower spa is a privilege only for first-class passengers on the Emirates A380. We can use it through advance booking. Surprise! It is not a hotel! The third amenity brand after Bvlgari and BYREDO is VOYA, which is only provided in luxury hotels. Single shower booth Hi, guys! Where I am? It’s a shower spa over 4,000 feet above the sky! Extremely wide, isn’t it? The using time of shower booth is limited to 30 minutes in total, Once you turn on the water, the maximum duration is 5 minutes. The reason I am alone now is because there is another shower room on the other side. NAVY is shooting there now. Water use time is 5 minutes, but it can be used up to 30 minutes while turning it on and off. It’s a hairdryer In an emergency, the oxygen mask falls from above. I want to take a shower, but I can not do it because there are other shots left. I’m gonna take a shower here! (byebye BEIGE) But I cannot take a shoot of my showering, isn’t it? So I’ll come back later~ BEIGE is simply washing her face, unlike NAVY. She finished deep cleansing! Snacks and drinks are prepared in front of the shower booth. Also, detox juice and fruits are prepared in the seat. I feel so weird to have taken a shower in the flight! Shower with hot water above the sky made me relaxed and sleepy. BEIGE went to wear pajamas. BEIGE come back You changed clothes! Is it a pocket? oh! It’s great BEIGE likes it a lot. Let’s take a rest after making bed full-flat. You really look like a person out of work. Press the button, if you want to be disconnected from your neighbors. If you sleep first, you will be shot. It’s time to fall asleep now… What is this? This is Emirates’ headset. It is in a very nice pouch. This headset is from B & W, a high-end audio manufacturer. As soon as I put the headset on, I can not hear anything. The noise cancellation function is great. The A380 Onboard Lounge has about 80 premium liquors. A dedicated bartender makes a cocktail. Both first class and business class passengers are accessible. Here is a bar. The bartender makes a cocktail. There are up to 80 kinds of alcoholic beverages. Not all airline A380s have a bar. Please enjoy the bar, if you board Emirates A380. And take a nice photo going inside the bar I’m in charge of explaining the A380 today. A380, called ‘hotel on the sky’, is a jumbo-jet of Airbus developed in 2005 to counter B747. However, Airbus announced in February 2019 that it will stop production of A380. Emirates has purchased nearly half of the A380 that Airbus has produced so far. So, Emirates affected a lot to the announcement of Airbus, the production discontinuity of A380. Because Emirates canceled 39 units from the initial purchase quantity of A380. What is the reason? Cost efficiency. Airlines have to fly the plane with full passengers to avoid any financial damage. But it is really difficult to sell all the seats if the plane can afford to many passengers, like jumbo-jet A380. Actually here also, half of the first-class seats are empty. I think I’m very fortunate to be born in the age that I can ride and review A380. If I have a child later, I want to tell the kid about A380 that there was a second-floor plane… there was a shower room also…. like this. After finishing the first flight of Emirates A380, we are now landing in Dubai. BEIGE, say goodbye, please. We will come back via the second story of Emirates A380!