Mrs. Pomaville the director of student services told us about the new cafeteria changes and how they are benefiting
students. So we have some great new changes that are happening in the
cafeteria here at East. One of the big changes is obviously you guys all know
the availability of having your laptops with you so we’re really excited about
that you’ll also notice that the gaming area is open there are no restrictions
now and then finally there’s the board out front which kind of tells you guys
when you’re allowed to leave and who’s going to be working at the cafeteria. The
reason we changed was simply we wanted to obviously give us students some
flexibility within the class or within the cafeteria but we also wanted to make
sure that students had something to do what we found where sometimes kids
didn’t have things to do so by having those laptops available to you guys it
gives you an opportunity to do some things during that maybe are a little
quieter and keeping you engaged. We asked multiple students about how they feel
the new changes are affecting East. Well I’ve noticed that you can go to the gaming area any time now and notice that they posted the times on a whiteboard in the
cafeteria and also I’ve noticed that you can now have your computers in the
lunchroom now. I think the current rules just weren’t really working well and
there was a lot of people who weren’t really happy with them and a lot of
people wanted to be able to bring their computers to work on homework or just to
play games. Administration is continuing to monitor the new changes to assure
there being used for their original purpose. I think we’ll continue to look
at student behavior and making sure that students aren’t destroying things you
know one of the things that we talked about at length was making sure that the
computers that you guys were given were also being kept safe and things weren’t
dropping on them and food and all that fun stuff. So we’ll
continue to look at the data and make sure that you guys are successful as
well as the equipment that you’re given I think overall it’s been really
positive I think everyone likes the ability to bring
their computer to lunch and to be able to go to the gaming area faster. This has
been Lauren and Abbie reporting for Trojan TV.