Hey, I’m Emma Roberts. And I’m Billie Lourd. From Scream Queens. And we’re here to ask each
other a couple of fun questions. OK, what do you remember about
the first time you saw yourself on national television? I was freaked out. It was the weirdest
experience I’ve ever felt. I don’t really know. It was really, like, I
think I blocked it out, because it was so scarring. Here we are again. You know, a really
good follow up question to that is where are you from? I was raised in LA. Like, we played together
when we were younger, so– Yeah.
Exactly. Swiss boarding school twins. Speed round.
Ready? Go. Chess or checkers? Oh my– no! Boxers or briefs? Roxers.
No, you know– I actually want to
know the real answer. OK, the briefs that are like
tight and look like boxers, but they still,
like, show the shape. Those are briefs. Aren’t they?
-I think so, yeah. OK. Speedos are shorts. Shorts. -Speedos can be exciting.
-OK. Night gown, or naked? -Naked.
-OK, I’m sorry. I just got really distracted. I’m really mad that you
got all the good questions, and I’m obsessed
with lottery tickets, and you got the lottery ticket–
you wanna do it together? Bam.
Boom, clap. Let’s do it together. I didn’t even read the rules.
I just started scratching. Oh, yeah, me either. I love scratch offs. Oh my god. I won another ticket. What? I won another lottery ticket. Have you ever won a contest,
giveaway, or lottery? Just right now. I’ve won $50 on a scratch off. -Wow.
-Yeah. Well, we did it. We did it. What is that? I don’t know. It makes sounds. Thanks for joining– Oh, we did it at the same. Make sure you watch
Scream Queens on Fox. Were you the best one? I think so. Wow, that worked. Great.