So this is what you’d expect from a business class seat. You’ve got a fantastic TV, good leg room. But let’s say you want to walk around, stretch your legs or maybe even socialize. Emirates have got just the thing for you. Thank you very much. This is the new on-board lounge for Emirates. You’ll be able to come, if you’re flying business and first class, come into this on-board lounge and experience an incredible social environment. From the moment people walk on-board they ask where the lounge is, when can they start to use the lounge, it’s actually like a bar but in the sky. It gives more of a private yacht cabin feel, that’s what it was designed around. I would love to sort of sit down myself but this lounge will actually be fitted into an aircraft so I can’t even touch the leather, I can’t even touch the table, it’s so special. And the best part of this lounge, well, for me anyway, it will be a plasma screen set up here that will be showing live TV. So if you’re worried you might miss the match, fear not. Emirates have got you covered