Seven years after my first flight on
Emirates’ A380 first class, here I am again! Dubai-São Paulo, in the first class of
Emirates’ A380, there we go! The Emirates car is already at my door
to take me to the airport. The Emirates first class
experience starts here. In theory, an Emirates first class Mercedes-Benz S
should have come to pick me up here at my hotel in Dubai. But it may also happen that they send you
a business class car, as it was the case today with this BMW 5 series,
which is also an amazing car! This transfer service is offered by
Emirates for first class passengers both here in Dubai and
at your final destination. In my case, São Paulo. In this video, I’ll show you my experience
at Emirate’s first class lounge, at Dubai airport. And that includes, of course, these
views of the city during the transfer. This is the Burj Khalifa, which is, since 2009,
the tallest building in the world, with its 829 meters. It’s very early in the morning and there’s
a mist of humidity in the air. It’s very hot outside! – Thank you very much!
– You’re welcome sir! So we get here, the car parks
at the door of the terminal and we go for the first class check-in. Over there is the business class check-in
and here is the first class one. With a red carpet! The Emirates first class lounge is
on the fourth floor and it occupies the entire length of terminal 3. It’s an unbelievable area of
100,000 square meters! It’s exclusive for Emirates’ first class passengers and
Emirates Skywards Platinum customers. But it can also be used, for a period of
up to four hours, by those who pay a 250 USD fee. That’s a tip! The Emirates lounge is one of the most
complete lounges in the world. Just so you have an idea, we get in the
first class lounge by this duty free area. Up there, on the third floor, there’s a hotel and on the second floor, the business class lounge. Here’s the whole shopping area. And behind me the business center. It’s really impressive the size
of this lounge. And here’s the children’s mini club. An area for you to charge your cell phone,
a shoe shine service, and this is the first bar I saw
when I arrived at the lounge. A wine store where you can find
several labels from different parts of the world. This is the gastronomic
area of ​​the lounge. The buffet is super complete. Let’s check it out? From shitake gratin to Asian dishes,
they really have everything. As Emirates flies to many countries, people
of different nationalities arrive here, with different time zones, so they have
the buffet set up to please all passengers. An area with champagne, snacks with
Arabic bread, muffins, jellies, cakes… It really is an impressive selection. Yogurt… How interesting is this hummus served hot. And from here on, there is an area for
à la carte dinner, lunch and breakfast . The kitchen has a glass window, so we
can see the staff during the preparation of the food. Look at all the à la carte
options they offer. It’s 7:57 AM and I’m going to start
my day with a detox juice. By the way, I don’t even know what’s
inside, but it’s delicious. The girl who waited on me suggested this
juice and I said yes right away. It’s not because she thought
that I needed it, ok, folks? She offered me several juices: orange,
pineapple, fresh fruit juices and she said: “We also have a green
juice, a detox juice.” And I said: “That’s the one I want!” And here’s my breakfast: poached eggs
with salmon. This à la carte restaurant service
is wonderful, right? Because you choose exactly what you
want, cooked the way you want, with how many minutes
you prefer the eggs… Delicious… Another feature of the Emirates first class
lounge is the fantastic view we have to Dubai airport’s tarmac. Check how many A380! It’s really cool to see when
everything works out fine. I forgot my cell phone cover on the flight that brought
me to Dubai the day before yesterday. I let Emirates know, they said they found it
and asked if I’d rather have it delivered to my hotel or if I’d pick it up here at Dubai airport. I chose to pick it up here,
I let the check-in agent know, they located me and delivered the
cover in person. Thanks, Emirates! That’s the Dubai airport duty free area,
and up here another angle of Emirates first class lounge.
Look at the size of this place. In this area, we get straight from the
lounge to the boarding the gate. I just went through the security control,
behind me, I already presented my boarding pass and this lift takes passengers
to the boarding gate. Let’s go! I was in the first class lounge,
I took that elevator down… By the way, I know it was a very short visit to the lounge,
I promise I’ll make a more complete visit for you because this lounge deserves
more time… And here’s my boarding gate, A13. That’s the A380-800 that will
take me to São Paulo today. There are three jet bridges, being
the third to the upper deck, which is where the first
and business classes are. In the next Carioca NoMundo video,
I’ll show you the whole flight in detail. Thanks and see you soon!