(upbeat music) – So guys, we just boarded the flight. We just took a seat, and
I’ll show you the guys on the flight lounge later. (ambient music) – Hi guys, I’m covering for
my brother’s plane review of the lounge, because
he’s sleeping right now. So, here’s the lounge. – [Brother] Wait. Thank you for that kind gesture, but I think I can take it from here. Hi guys, we’re on the flight lounge and it’s looking pretty
good, so let’s go explore. There are like, uhhh, nuts over here. Guys, look at all these
varieties of candy. This make me want to eat them right away. M&Ms are one of my favorites, too. And fruits! These are really good,
because I love cherries and I also love nectarines. Especially, I wanted to
try a flat nectarine. Ooh, these sandwiches are so good! Grilled chicken and smoked salmon, one of my favorites, too! This is heaven. Oh, let’s look at the bar. Oh, there’s some cheese sticks, and guys, please don’t misunderstand,
those are olives not prunes. These fruit skewers, I love them. Desserts, yummy! Olives, remember that guys, not prunes. And, that’s some good cake over there with some pudding in the middle, and those are the drinks
we do not want to get into. So guys I’m just sitting
on the sofa and relaxing. And so, altogether this is 10 out of 10. Like, I mean I really like these lounges, it’s really good. Bye guys! See you soon.