this F was so big man I get tight just
walking around and as you can see right there I’m about to go inside
so it’s floor 5 welcome to do bi do bi do bi do bi do bi behind one time I’m
sure be honest is quite big compared to London here for her for just look at
this much big off and let’s see where the way let’s go to the toilet bus
before we get bra this route business language solving or finance paint ugly
pieces so this is the famous walls that they have in Dubai in the business
lounge as you can see I mean a lot of youtubers are being
including more blogs amazing right there pretty interesting so guys don’t like to
show you the food that they have into buying flowers and let’s compare it to
be for airport let’s see so I’m assuming this is like the breakfast menu they
have it I’ve got the cappuccino have the muffins apples tropics in this sweet what’s to do
beings with hash browns scrambled egg juices
without privileges for they have it