So this story happened to me in the fourth grade and it’s a pretty funny one that developed my confidence somehow. But here we go, basically school had ended and you know your ending into after school so me and my friend get into a line to get the Cafeteria’s snack or whatever, like whatever they served us. We sat down, drank for a little bit then ate our, you know, snack and after that, um, I have to use the restroom. So then, I tell my friends. Hey guys I’ll be right back. I’m gonna go use the bathroom. So my friend decides to come with me and so we’re just joking around in the bathroom having a good time doing nothing much, really, and then, you know, we eventually just use the bathroom. That’s all, eventually, I don’t even know how this happened. But I had gotten a little bit of pee on my pants somehow and I was like, hey, dude Look, I peed my pants! And so we just started dying of laughter and then my friend thought it would be a good idea to you know, just tell the whole cafeteria that I had peed my pants.And so I started begging him. No, dude, please. Don’t do that I’m gonna be humiliated. Please don’t, and of course, he runs him to the cafeteria and starts telling people and then right as I hear my friends talking about me peeing my pants I just started freaking balling up with tears. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I started crying. One of the sixth graders asked me what was wrong and I said that they had told everybody that I’d peed myself and so they weren’t happy so they wants to go tell one of the teachers and so I ended up in the office with my friend and my friend was getting a stern talking-to cuz it was sort of a strict school. So the teacher was like hey, you shouldn’t be telling people the kid had peed his pants or whatever. And so I’m just like crying like sobbing and then I call my mom to tell my brother to come pick me up because I was just humiliated and I felt disgusting. So I got home take a shower and it was that the next day at school. Even more people knew about the incident that had happened and it just made me feel like a complete loser I got bullied for like the past week that that had happened. But you know, I just decided to take it in and just be confident with who I was. My real friends like she stuck with me throughout the situation and supported me they were amazing, but I left that school. So I don’t really know how that grew my confidence but somehow it did in a way. So that’s the