(upbeat music) Today on Everything East County, we are at one of the hottest new spots in all of East County, we’re
at Elicit Bar and Lounge at Sycuan Resort and Casino. Le’ts get to it. (upbeat music) All right JG, Elicit, Good to see you. this is the hot spot here at Sycuan. Elicit’s the spot to be. Okay, so tell me what are we going to find when we come into Elicit? So Elicit’s a really unique experience, you know it kind of combines
that lounge component where it has a little
bit of a sexy feel to it. We have a DJ on Friday
and Saturday nights. You know unlike some of the
other places we’ve done, we have a full sushi component to this, we have a raw bar and
then a small bite menu that has a range of
kind of playful things. That it could go from things that are recognizable to people, that they’ve seen all the time
or just some of the things that are a little bit unexpected. And then you guys do
something a little different on the bar program, I see
there’s a cart cruising around, so tell me about that. Yeah, so we have a table
side mixology program, something that we’ve
developed over the years and really kind of own down. We have a bartender come out, at your table, with I think, five different
drinks on the menu, mixes those drinks in front of you, really kind of walks you
through the composition of how the cocktail works,
what goes well together, why we’ve come up with the idea. You know and it becomes a show, then you know, it’s one of those moments that everybody loves to take a picture of, and starts sharing it. It’s Insta-worthy. It’s what it is. People default to what they’re
very, very comfortable with. So what we’ve done with
our specialty roles is we’ve taken these roles that people are very comfortable with, and kind of try to push them
out of their comfort zone a little bit, entice them with, you know, maybe a fried shrimp
component, or a cool sauce, or something that maybe they recognize, but wouldn’t normally
suspect to be together. And then we find that they’re more intrigued to order that. All right man, I’m starving. Let’s get back in the
kitchen, let’s make some food. (upbeat music) There’s no better way to
finish off a tasty meal than with a good cocktail,
or better place to do it overlooking the new pool here at Sycuan, I’ve had a blast hanging out
with the crew from Elicit, I’ll have a sip of this
cocktail send you guys off, but I want to thank you guys so much for watching this episode
of Everything East County. If you guys enjoyed the video, like it, comment on it, most importantly share it so other people can learn about the new Sycuan Elicit, awesome place to be, check it out.