We just checked in to our new Hotel (cityloft 161) Come with us. Let´s see whats inside it. Wow it´s so nice. It says, I am good. Dude.. I am very good. There is our second bed. Joking.. its the mirror. And a wardrobe. Here is a small bathroom. Its alright. No problems. Hello Hemin.
– Hello babaka (baby) This is the kitchen. How do you like this hotel Hemin?This one or the other hotel? This hotel is more nice, but the location for the other hotel(hilton kazyatogi) was better and closer to city. But its alright. Its good to see everything. I will go and pray there later. I think the Hilton kazyatogi hotel is over there. It´s really windy. I hope you can hear me. And this is Chawan. Chawan..
– Yes? You are really beautiful with the blue dress. You are now connected to the skies. You always tell me that I look like this and that! But yooou, yourself goes and want to have the color like a bus and taxi. Okay alright babe. LETSGO and eat something nice. We just came to a nice resturant in Kadiköy. Chawan did order this one.
Woow it looks so delicious. Omg what are you doing with me. It looks amazing. I did order this sandwich. We plan to eat half each. so we can taste both. We are under the umbrella. Really nice. No one goes to the dog 🙁 Good day everyone. I wish everyone a blessed Eid Mubarak. I wish everyone a great day. Hemin:Ameen. Ya Allah. What you have been giving us, please give our viewers too. Ya Allah (Oh God)We thank you for everything. Please God make all of us happy on theese days. Was it a nice prayer?
Chawan: Very nice! When you come out of the boat. You can see this for 10 TL each. (almost 2usd) Choose one Chawan. You planned for it yeah? In the middle of the streets you can see this tree of figs. It´s not fully grown yet. But its lovely to see this tree. And this is a big Mosque next to us. We are now heading to Taksim.
What kind of advertise is this(chawan passing by) Again.. EID Mubarak. I wish everyone a good and healty and blessed life. We don´t feel the Eid spirit like in Kurdistan. We are used to celebrate big in Kurdistan. But the views and landscapes here are way more beautiful. But Inshallah we will come back to Kurdistan. Some hours did pass and it feels like a long time we didn´t vlog. it´s days we didn´t vlog before this one – Chawan We are back in taksim. It´s lovely. Everyone is out for celebration. Chawan – The weather is lovely. Not too warm. Iam sure no one can hear me well. I need to get closer to the camera. There is many places here for eating etc. I will show you now. I will take Chawan to a nice place. It´s her first time to eat good stuff. This street is crowded with people singing and doing nice stuff. Most of them are Kurdish from Turkey. They also got lovely voices.