In this video we’re going to talk about
commercial kitchen design with special reference to schools, which is to say
educational facilities. Michael, nice to see you. Nice to see you as well. So we’ve
been talking about commercial kitchen design and the sort of equipment that
you might need in commercial kitchens. Let’s talk about the specific niche of
schools — educational facilities. So tell me first what are some of the design
considerations if you’re putting together a commercial kitchen for a
school. So the consideration to take in in designing a kitchen for a school is
the time putting out the meals. It’s usually at max three times a day. So there’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner if it’s a college or university. Okay. So you
have to figure out how you can put out a large amount of meals in a short amount
of time. Because I mean my kids go to school, are in elementary school right now, and there are like a thousand kids but the university can be even bigger. What
kind of volume are we talking here? Universities can be by the thousands.
By the five-, four-, six-, seven-, eight-thousand people. So you have to- what kind of equipment do you have to sort of have in mind? What kind of scale do you have to talk about for that to happen? So in the elementary schools, it’s like a
catering as far as the large volume. And when you go into colleges, universities,
it turns really into production. Mass production. Right, I can imagine. So a
whole lot of chicken nuggets. Yes. Tell me about what sorts of food schools are
typically preparing now. Are they going for more healthy options? So there’s been
a big initiative to go healthy. And Culinary Depot has been, since its
inception, helping the schools serve better meals. So we’ve been
getting them the right equipment to serve healthier meals. For example, some of the schools say it’s hard to serve fresh salad because you know we need so much manpower to dice the vegetables and stuff. And we could show them in an
economical way to buy, invest in a machine. And you save on manpower —
therefore, some of the schools have been able to now serve salads daily, and
that’s something we take pride in. Wow, so you have some kind of salad chopper. We
have a salad chopper by Robot Coupe, Hobart, Electrolux, and people don’t
realize that it’s not that expensive. And the ROI on it is really good.
One other challenge I’ve heard — and this may seem like an odd thing to say, with
particularly elementary schools — is how milk works because got those little
cartons and so on. What solutions do you have in that
milk space. Great question. So we have milk coolers by all major manufacturers.
Some is a True, Nor-Lake, Master-Bilt and Traulsen. And they’re on casters and
wheels. Easy to move around. And so you can keep them in a locked room and
before meal time, just wheel it in, plug it in, and the kids can grab their milks
and stay healthy. So this milk security is a concern. Yeah. Alright, so let’s
talk more about in terms of educational institution kitchens, what are some of
the unusual pieces of equipment you might find only in schools for example
and less so — let’s say in a normal restaurant or maybe in a hotel. Is there
anything unique in that space? Sure, so as we’ve mentioned before about staying
healthy, you want to stay away from fried food and and you want to stay healthy. So it’s a totally different menu. So different
pieces of equipment that might support that menu? Yes. One thing at Culinary
Depot is I know you guys are very chef oriented. Is there such a thing as a chef
at school? I haven’t really thought of it that way. Sure. People don’t realize that,
but yes. At school, to give the kids healthy meals, fresh meals, takes an
experienced chef. And we work along those chefs to make sure they have the right
equipment to be able to serve those kids fresh healthy meals. Alright, well thank
you so much for your insight today. I appreciate that. You’re welcome.
That’s probably everything you needed to know about commercial kitchen design
with reference to schools and educational facilities. But if you’d like
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