Into and music OK so.. We are leaving up out of the
tour part of the little…. free tour they have and we’re gonna find us something to eat… Lets go! [Music] Yea we can get ice cream. Hey! No! Wait, wait! ugh.. *Laughing Get in the back of the line, because you came last. That’s what you get. Now hut two, three, four… Hut two, three Keep Up! Hut two, three, four [Music] Five, is that five? That’s six, five, five, six, five, six 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 [Music] It is? Yup. uh ah. That’s yours JV. Don’t Touch it. Not yet. Sit on your butt. Really? We are about to order some food. What can I get y’all to drink? um, what do y’all want to drink? mama What do you want to drink? I want to drink Lemonade. Lemonade. she want lemonade What do you want? Tea. Tea. Sweet or Unsweet? Tea. Sweet Tea? Sweet tea. Sweet tea too? Everybody want tea? Not her, she want lemonade. Sierra mist The cave have nothing in it. It’s just dark, they make it turn the light off by it own self. We done other things, everything. I had to go up stairs. You had fun though? Yup. It was scary? Yup. It was awesome though, right? Yup But, it was; a little bit, scary. It was? Yup It wasn’t to me. It wasn’t to me. So, the cave was… is I saw a bat flying around. and my mama did see it. Nope, I sure didn’t. That sucks, that I missed that bat. Did you see the bat? Yup. You did? Yup. Did you see the bat JV? The cave was too deep. It was deep? Yea, and then we had to do a lot of walking right? Was you scared? no, you weren’t scared. You was running around like a crazy. [Music] You was running around. The Cave was awesome. and tiring. It was. It was so awesome. It was fun but, it was tiring. *laughs We had to walk all them stairs. *Laughs That was enough. Did you like walking the stairs? huh? Did you like walking the stairs? No! It hurt my feet. It did? Yes It didn’t hurt my feet. It didn’t hurt your feet? Wait, Wait. She went to get straws. Nyomi, we got straws. Nyomi, you got to put them back. We got straws already She gave us straws. Thank you, you so sweet. Javion, see you trying to make a mess. They’re doing it slow. Hey, my straw… Can I taste some of yours? yasssss!! No, you are not eating that. It’s spicy Javion. Let him put one in his mouth. Terra, you got to pour it on your plate. No, no.. Let him take a bite of it. He wants it on his burger. Oh, go ahead. Javion, eat your burger. One more? Javion, that thing is hot… Just one! Take a bite, huh. Put it right here.. and take a bite.. right there. Bite it right there. Take a bite right there. *Laughs It’s hot? It’s not hot? It’s not spicy? It’s hot. Well, let it cool down. Eat your fries. It ain’t spicy JV? You like them? OK. [Music] So I got the Bourbon wings. And I’m going to try these wings. Y’all these wings looks so good mm. So, so good. Let’s try these wings out. This is good. Mama, I want some mustard. Mama, can you give me the ketchup? Close it. Now shake it down. Now open it. And squeeze it a little bit. That’s good Ny. Ny? Ny that’s good. Ny! Nyomi thats good. Do you need some ketchup? I know how to cut. Look mama. So we are done eating That was good. You know, the burger looked good. Javion ate a pepper. You know that… pretty good! Now, we are going to walk back to out lodge. And let the dogs out. Girl I’m not going to have any service. *Laughs. I don’t have any service here niether. ha, me niether. So that means we have to use the internet from over here. He said you can walk over at anytime. And use it all night. There’re open all night. If you really want to watch TV. But my phone works a little bit in the lodge. So, I can put my phone up in a window, and it will work. But if you don’t have it in a window. It won’t work. [Music] It’s so cool. Get off me. *Laughs [Music] Ok, so we ate. We are going to take these dogs out for a walk. Because they been coop up, in the cabin for about 4 hours now. And I know they are very upset with us. A lot! of fun! Fun! I saw a bat flying around in the cave there’s a white There’s… Like a white bat… that i saw. I don’t know what white bats do..