the restaurant that sits today
started in 1858 and it was actually called the Branch Eating House
uh… which was a stagecoach diner if you will uh… and the actual Branch Eating House it was moved to this location so it was
a stagecoach restaurant that was moved here that dates back to 1858
presently we’ve been here August will be uh… eight years so my wife and i met in the restaurant
business down in Charleston and uh… she being from Branchville
brought me here and started this uh… 8 years
ago in August all my advice getting into this was just keep
it simple and that’s basically what we’ve done uh… we do an array of
seafood from fried shrimp oysters scallops we do a couple of grilled fish
salmon and a mahi typically uh… then we do a grilled chicken
breast pork tenderloin we do an eight-ounce beef
tenderloin here then we acompany that with a lot of local
produce and we actually have people that come
from Columbia as far as Columbia we do a big draw from Bamberg of
course which is the next down over Saint George the next town over Walterboro and then into Orangeburg three United States presidents Taft Hardy and Roosevelt uh… ate in the
uh… dining room here since we’ve been here we did a spring
catalog for Saks Fifth Avenue they came down and did a uh… spring
photoshoot which is really neat one of the things i love most about
living in Branchville is the small-town no red light and Edisto Beach is the closest beach and
we can get in the car and there’s not even a red light between here and there and to
me that’s pretty neat