CAMBRO Camshelving
S3 – Cambro Camshelving – Starter Units Two Post Kits.
Four Vented Shelf Kits. S4 – Versatile Storage – For use in any
environment, indoors or outdoors. Fits in Any Space – Units combine together
in straight lines by sharing posts of existing units.
Easy to Adjust and Assemble – Assembles in minutes with the use of a rubber mallet. Easily
adjust for floor irregularities. Strong as Steel – Posts and Traverses are
made of a steel core coated with Polypropylene
S4 – On slide S5 – Shelf Plates are made of polypropylene.
Dishwasher safe. S6 – Camshelving shelf plates contain Camguard™
antimicrobial. S7 – Strong as steel. Uniquely engineered
post connectors offer exceptional cross stabilization. S8 – Includes the posts. Traverse measurements
are based on outside, or overall unit length. Shared Post between Basic Unit and Add-On
Unit. S9 – Corner Unit – Using one set of Corner
Connectors per shelf Intermediate Unit – Using two sets of Corner
Connectors on each side of a shelf S10- Cambro has an unbeatable reputation in
quality and durability, with the widest range of HACCP compliant kitchen storage & shelving