Sawaddee ka! Welcome to Hot Thai Kitchen! so today I’m gonna show you an easier Hainanese chicken rice so I
already have a video for like the traditional method of making Hainanese
chicken rice but that one’s a bit of a project you gotta get a whole chicken
and poach a whole chicken and you know it’s it’s it’s not a weeknight friendly
dinner let’s put it that way so this method that I want to show you turns it
into something you can do on a Wednesday night
so Hainanese chicken rice for those of you who don’t know what that is
it’s poached chicken served with rice that is cooked in chicken fat and
chicken stock it’s like the chickeny-est rice ever and it’s got a delicious
dipping sauce it’s so good and not sure if you knew this but I am actually half
Hainanese yes my grandmother my mom’s side of the family is from the island of
Hainan and my grandmother’s been making this dish for as long as I
remember she still does make it every year when I go home so I am particularly
fond of this dish all right let’s get started let’s talk chicken so instead of
doing a whole chicken you can start with chicken parts already easier right so
I’ve got some bone-in skin-on chicken here both thighs and breasts and the
skin on part is really important but not only is it part of the character of the
dish you’re gonna need the skin for the chicken fat okay because the chicken fat
is part of the rice so you need the fat from somewhere when you buy bone-in
skin-on chicken thigh you can usually trim off some skin and fat from the side
that’s what you want to do and save that for your rice the same thing for when
you buy bone-in skin-on chicken breasts and it usually comes in a whole pair you
can find a flap in the front where there is quite a bit of fat and then you can
go around the side and just find some fat from wherever you can find it and
take off as much as you can so what I have are three pieces of thigh and then
these two are actually one ginormous breast that I’ve cut in half because
chicken and Canada have ginormous breasts so if your chicken breasts are
smaller you may just do two small ones instead okay so with these I’m simply
going to season them with salt and then I’m just gonna rub that in get it both
on the skin and on the bottom if you’re feeling ambitious you can add some
grated ginger to it as well if you want to jazz it up a little bit so we’ll just
let that sit while you prep other things you don’t need to do this in advanced or
anything like that so the only thing that this recipe requires that you have
is some sort of chicken stock which you should always have sitting in your
freezer anyway right so homemade is definitely better and recommended so
that you can use the kind of aromatics that that work well with Asian food
right if you get store bought a lot of times they’ll put like on a rosemary or
just some other herbs and spices that just doesn’t work as well flavor wise
but yes you can definitely do store-bought if you’re you know really
want to make it quick and by the way when you do make your own chicken stock
scheme off the fat and save it because you can use that for your rice as well
so if you’ve got enough of chicken fat from your stock you may not need to trim
off anything from your chicken at all so there’s another bonus of making your own
stock so in my wok here I’m going to add my chicken fat trimmings and this wok
does have a little bit of oil in it from what I was using it previously and I
also find a little bit of oil just helps lubricate everything, make it easier
for the chicken to render yeah definitely keep the heat low if the heat
is too high your chicken pieces will burn before it has a chance to render
out the fat and you want to end up with about two tablespoons roughly of chicken
fat if you don’t have enough not a big deal you can supplement it with
vegetable oil but you definitely want some real chicken side in there for
flavor okay so now that my chicken is nice and golden and crispy and yes you
can snack on those chicken bits or sprinkle it on your rice at the end I’m
just gonna take these out and look how much fat came out of that that’s just
about how much you need you know what I might just add a little
bit more of my stock fat here it’s a little bit of leftover stock in that fat
that wonderful chicken fat’s gonna get even more wonderful with the addition of
garlic and ginger I just love the smell when my grandmother makes this dish at
home and I start smelling the combination of chicken fat and garlic
and ginger I just know there’s Hainanese chicken rice in the horizons mmm that’s
smelling really good I’m gonna push it a little bit further my rice is ready so
this is jasmine rice that I’ve rinsed until the water runs clear and you want
to make sure you do that for this recipe because otherwise the rice kind of gets
gummy and gooey and then in that goes I’m a seasoned miss rice with some salt
and I’m gonna saute that until the rice is hot throughout sauteing the rice also
helps or seal off the start just around the rice and and I just find that it it
keeps the rice grains more separate and I’ve turned the heat up to toast the
rice a little and that is it whoo so at this point you can pour this into your
rice cooker and key and then finish it off in your rice cooker I don’t have a
rice cooker that’s big enough so I’m just going to transfer it oh my god this
is heavy just gonna transfer it into this pot here which I’m gonna use to
finish everything off in and could I have sauteed everything in this pot and
make it a one pot meal yes you absolutely can the only thing I found
with that is for whatever reason if I do the garlic and the rice in here at the
end I will get more rice back to the bottom then if I were to transfer it
here I can’t explain it but it just seems to be what happens so if you don’t
care about the rice talk to the bottom or if you actually like that rice that
stuck to the bottom you can definitely do a one pot meal right
so now my chicken stock goes in give that bit of a stir this amount of stock
is actually a little less than what you would normally use for cooking the rice
but that’s because we’re gonna put the chicken right on top of the rice and let
everything cook together and the chicken will release some liquid so you have to
account for that so basically the inspiration for this method comes from
my chicken Brioni recipe which if you haven’t seen you should check out where
the chicken and the rice cooks together in one pot and I thought oh I can do
that for this recipe the heat back on and I’m just gonna crank it on high and
watch it until I start seeing bubbles coming up I see the stock starting to
stir with a little bit of movement that means it is hot in there and the reason
why I wait for that cue is so that my timing works because I know that one’s
the stock is hot simmering starting to go I put the lid on I turned the heat to
low and that will take 25 minutes there you go easy peasy
so let’s make the dipping sauce while our chicken is cooking so in the spirit
of making this easier I’ve modified my original dipping sauce recipe to use
sort of easier to find ingredients because in the original one there are a
couple of things on there that a lot of people won’t be about a fight so
hopefully this will make it easier and trust me it still tastes just as good
I’m gonna add some garlic ginger and chilies Thai chilies I’m gonna pound
that down into a paste a rough paste just like that a little bit of a rough
paste no big chunks that’s what you are looking for I’m gonna add some sugar so
originally in the recipe it calls for tao jiew which is a Thai fermented soy
bean paste this is a little hard to find so what is a great substitute that is
way easier to find I think is this Korean fermented soybean paste or “doenjang”
I think is what it’s called in Korean I find that this
is much more available and the flavor is very close to taojiew. Miso would work as
well but I find that you know when you buy miso, first of all there are so many
different varieties that the flavors vary quite a bit and also miso comes in
a much bigger container so if you’re gonna buy something and use only a little bit
I find this to be a much more sensible thing to buy and then so we’re gonna use
a couple tablespoons of that and because the Korean soybean paste is a lot
thicker I’m gonna just thin it out with some water give that a stir and then I’m
gonna add some dark soy sauce so I’m using just regular old Chinese dark soy
sauce in the original recipe I called for a Thai black soy sauce which is
harder to find so this will be a great substitute and some regular soy sauce a
touch of vinegar for something to balance out all that salty sweet stuff
right before serving I’m gonna stir in some cilantro but as far as the dipping
sauce itself it is done and you can make this far in advance keep it in the
fridge it lasts forever cuz it’s just all really salty stuff in here. tada
look at that chickens cooked rice is cooked in one fell swoop now I’m gonna
do breast, so if you’ve been following the show you know that I generally go
for thighs. This dish is the one exception where I actually like both
pretty equally I don’t know what it is about Kao Mun Gai but I have no
problem eating chicken breasts out of it and I just want to show you the rice
real quick you might look at this and go oh my god the rice is mushy do not worry
it’s just that top layer that the chicken was sitting on if you fluff the
rice everything else is perfectly fine so you just stir it and it
looks like nothing happened right there we go beautiful and the secret with
plating Hainanese chicken rice everything so white so if you can go
with like a darker more colorful plate it’ll just be a more
beautiful presentation in the end and now the chicken you want to do slices
and I mentioned this in my Instagram post but in Thailand you will never get
this much chicken on a plate of common guy we give you literally 1/3 of a
chicken and then they whack it down so that it looks bigger than it actually is
and they put it on your rice but there’s always more rice than there is chicken
so when you’re at home you can put as much as you want yeah look at that
obviously we’re gonna finish up our dipping sauce by stirring in some
cilantro it’s optional you can do green onions you don’t have to do any greens
at all a few pieces of cucumber to also help cut the grease a little bit and
also in Thailand you find that typically common guy is served with a bowl of
broth and it’s just chicken broth so it’s the same chicken broth that we use
to cook the rice if you have a little extra just add some simple salt pepper
maybe you want to do soy sauce and pepper a little bit of cilantro and that
will help sort on the rice because this is such a dry dish right so it always
comes with a little bit of broth if you don’t have any extra stock don’t worry
about it all right time to eat yeah there we go
the moment I’ve been waiting for all day I want to get a piece with skin what am
i doing there is not enough sauce in that spoon I’m gonna put more sauce yes that smell there’s no other dish that
smells quite like that it is perfect perfect
you would not know this was the easier method at all wash it out all down with
a little bra or a little beer you didn’t have frog that it just magically works
out that the rice is cooked and the chicken is cooked at the same time of
the chicken breast is not overcooked it’s still tender it’s too juicy it’s
also cooking it very slow and low so if moist environment so this is why I
don’t really mind eating the chicken breast with this dish because it’s
always nice juicy the rice is perfectly seasoned that sauce is so flavorful it
would be good on anything you like throw that on let her know pork chops or
something uh and so easy if you have the stock you can put that together in
definitely a weeknight the chicken the rice cooks together in 25 minutes Wow
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