Hello everyone and myself Beena welcome to my channel Tangy kitchen Today we will make tomato , onion and garlic powder When there is no season of these items or if there is high cost Then you can use powder of these items Lays chips are all time favorite of kids It is tangy due to masala over it, and today I will show you that masala recipe You can try tomato seasoning at home You can use tomato seasning in potato chips , french fries , pop corn , puffed rice, And kurkure and also any type of friems You can sprinkle it on that all snacks You sure try it at home If yuo like my video than give LIKE SHARE and give comments And SUBSCRIBE for more recipes Let’s start making powder Take a tomato on chopping board Cut very thin slices with knife Due to low thickness they gets dried fast in sunlight Cut all tomatoes in thin slices For drying tomatoes Take a chopping board You can use big tray or wooden board instead of chopping board Spread mul mul cloth or extra cotton cloth on chopping board Put tomato slice on board one by one Due to cloth, water of tomato gets sucked and gives fast drying Put all slices on cloth Put chopping board in sun light for 3 to 4 days After 3 days tomatoes are dried properly Tomatoes are dried in 3 days Let’s prepare powder from dried tomato slices Take mixi jar and add dried tomato slices Grind it Powder is ready now ..take out in bowl Prepare tomato seasoning which kids like too much Take a bowl and add 1/2 cup tomato powder Parsley powder – 1 tsp You can get parsley powder any general store Or any super markert where pizza or burger zone Powder sugar – 1 tsp Kashmiri red chilly powder – 1 tsp Garlic powder – 1 tsp Citric acid – 1/4 tsp Make powder of citric acid Add 1 – tsp of black salt Mix them well tomato seasoning is ready now You can use this to sprinkle over many items Prepration for onion powder Take 1 – kg of onion Cut them in small pieces and spread it on thali or thick plastic sheet Put thali in sun light for 3 to 4 days After onion dried, they become very crisp For making powder Take a mixi jar and add dried onion. Grind it Onion powder is ready now For making garlic powder Take a 250- gm garlic and peel them Take garlic pods in mixi jar Grind it and make paste Take out paste into plate Put plate in sun light for 3 to 4 days After dried paste garlic changes it colour Add dried paste in mixi and grind Garlic powder is ready All three Powders are ready now Very easily they become ready in sunlight you sure try this recipe at home and give feedback in comment below If you like my video Than give LIKE and SHARE with your friends And SUBSCRIBE for more recipes Will you meet again THANK YOU and BYE