– Wes Barker here, and in this video, I’m gonna teach you how to win a drink. Next time you’re at the
bar, a pub, whatever and you wanna win a free beer, just do this little trick here. It’s fun to watch and
you’re definitely gonna win every time which is cool. All you need is five bucks and
a couple empty beer bottles, which the bartender
will be happy to supply. You just take the money
and you trap it under the two empty bottles just like this, line it up nice and perfect
so it stays and you’re set. It looks cool already
and you turn to whoever you’re drinking with and
you say, here’s the deal, if you can take out the
five bucks, you can keep it, but you can’t touch the bottles, and you obviously can’t knock them over. So, they’re gonna try flicking, blowing, pulling really quickly. Nothing’s gonna work
and it’s funny to watch. Once they have, they give up
or they tried a few times, just say to them hey, if I
can get the five bucks out, you’re gonna buy me a beer. And at this point, they’re
just gonna be so intrigued on how it works that they’re
gonna be happy to agree and you’re gonna take the money, you’re gonna create a
little U on the one side and then you’re gonna take
your finger and you’re gonna strike through like this,
really quick, one shot, and watch it come out. See, money, bottles, and
they’re gonna buy you a beer. If you guys like this stuff, let me know, I know lots of bar bets, and leave it in the
comments that you like it and next week I’ll actually
take it out to a pub and show in you in real
time how you can use various tricks to win
yourself some free drinks. Hope you enjoyed it, thanks a lot.