Hello this is Pareng Don Im here in Dusit Hotel were having special activities special event and it will be held tomorrow we just checked in my room mate’s not here he’s still in the office and this is what’s inside the room don’t know how many stars Dusit has are you mr Ricky? leave that already its not yours no we should bring this let it stay in the room good morning we haven’t slept well we prepared materials for the symposium so cold in here I turned off the aircon last night but still its cold until now breakfast time there it is the Pantry Im going back to the room change my slippers (not allowed) what are those prices? where? over there youll pay for those is that all? add some more food omelet please w/ everything sir? except mushroom let’s share the omelet cook: I’ll make it big oh ok thats good noodles did you get those dimsum I just took small pieces to get as many as I can chicken noodle soup bangus i almost forgot thai pork thai braised Rick careful ok? your cholesterol ok? there is still tomorrow just one by one just one by one whats up awesome Im so full I though youre done why are you eating that egg told you to keep it LOL Im going back for the peaches Rick help me with walking in almost 2 years my first time in being full on breakfast Ill go ahead first in the CR this way I get confused what does the swimming pool look like in the morning pretty just like new york imperial palace garden alright Im getting ready for the symposium at the ballroom room my role in the event to pick up speakers from other countries but lets go to the event first is it die? waht do you mean? the cutter? rotating cutter ah ok you can choose the sizes? of the cutter? yes depends on layout then you can print different designs on one roll right? cool Im here in terminal 1 waiting for the speaker hes a Korean at letter S its hot in here so hot I just missed the speaker he grabbed a taxi good day Mayor Im heading home lunch is not yet served i need to go home my wife’s sick ill just go back here tomorrow my card key is not working got a new key card lunch time where should I start? here? 2 lanes? here and here? awesome people for executives? ok food photo ops ask you i think this is sea food here it is, your shout out im not ready take two dont know, all i know theyre delicious our leader remember Manila should be clean are you the winner of MR? Mr Paradise Allan has a youtube channel whats your youtube? with Ice in front ice youtube? Jenina what’s that? Potatoes? mashed potato what did baby potato said to the uncle? Hi PO TA TO thats so funny ill add some more laughing effects foe the video try my coffee salty