I was chosen for the
female protection team four years ago. I can’t express how excited I was. It was my dream, and the dream comes true. (upbeat electronic music) I’m first corporal
Omneyat Dawood Sulaiman. I’m working in Dubai police
in security, emergency, and protect department. – [Female Narrator] The pioneering,
all-female elite squad’s role is to protect visiting VIPs at the big events in the UAE. Their training includes
hand-to-hand combat, firearms, and the kind of driving skills that put Hollywood stuntmen to shame. These women have safeguarded over 500 VIPs on more than 1,000 occasions. – [Omneyat] We’re 30 female in the unit, and there’s different teams. We have the bikers and the drivers. I’m one of the bikers. – [Female Narrator] These
highly-skilled women go through rigorous training and only the very best can hope to earn a place in the elite squad, but for Omneyat, law enforcement is more than just her job. – [Omneyat] I decided
to be a police officer when I was 16 years old. My mom and most of my
family members are in police and as well in the army. I am Ghuson Sulaiman Abdula Almahmood. My rank is a major. I was one of the first female
officer in Dubai police. When my daughter became part
of the VIP protection unit, I was so proud. My granddaughter, she
also like to be police. It will be three generation. Me and my daughter and
my daughter daughter. – [Female Narrator] It’s
not hard to see the appeal. These women have an important
and exciting role here, and although it’s a demanding
and disciplined life, working and living in
this 21st century city has its own rewards. – [Omneyat] I love Dubai and
everyone, whether they are VIP or a regular person, they
have to feel safe in Dubai, and we will keep helping them because we are the protection team.