So we’re going to the business class lounge and I’ll see you guys there. Hi guys, my name is Srikrishna, and welcome to the business class lounge. So let’s go explore. The main thing about the Emirates lounge is that it is huge, it takes up an entire floor in the terminal. It takes 12 minutes to walk from one end of the lounge to the other. Trust me, I tried. So guys, these are the different types of buffets in the lounge. So we’re going to check these out. So first we’re going to go there, and then there, and then maybe we won’t have time for that. But those two are for sure. But what I love best is that it has a dessert buffet. Can you believe it? What else do you need for a kid like me? Okay, I’m going to the dessert bar. And.. Let me tell you a joke. Why don’t Teddy bears ever order dessert? Because they’re always stuffed. You see what I did? Stuffed, like stuffed toys. Oh look, ice cream. And look at this cool flavor, Arabic coffee with dates. And I think that’s all of the desserts. They look pretty good. I always like to get to the airport early so I can enjoy all the food at the lounge. It’s a quiet and relaxing place Plus the food in the Emirates lounge is much better than what they serve on the plane. The lounge has more variety of foods and the food is freshly made. Guys, I just spotted a buffet but I don’t know which one because it’s not labeled. So let’s go. They have all types of yogurts and muesli, which is an overnight oatmeal from Switzerland. Surprise! Idiyappam from Kerala, which is basically rice noodles. Congee with sweet potato, and chicken sambal with rice, my favorite, which is from Malaysia. Oh, plenty of pastries. Do you know how a baseball team is similar to a muffin? They both depend on the “batter”. You get it? A final joke, what do you call a fake noodle? An impasta. You get it? Over here, potato croquette, over there, turkey scallion sausage and some more pastries Let’s go eat. Dubai Emirates lounge is really good for food there’s so much varieties, and I’m really full ’cause it was so delicious. I mean, everywhere I go I don’t know what to choose because they’re all super good. And guys, I forgot to tell you look at the view. It’s the main departures level where you can find a lot of shops. So right now, guys, I’m just relaxing for five minutes. So let’s ask my brother how his lounge experience went? How is it? Ow. How is it? Guys, right now, he’s not feeling talkative. The lounge was really good, but I wish there were more food options. Like there could’ve been a toaster for the breads and everything. I wish pancakes and waffles
were there. I’ll see you after I boarded the flight.