Naked Mobile hasn’t opened a mobile store or kiosk in Flagstaff but it has opened a cafe to tap into the local love for coffee. Reporter Kanak Jha tells us more about the cell phone and coffee shop combination. At first glance The 109 is just a new coffee shop in Flagstaff. In reality the cafe doubles as a mobile store designed to connect with locals. I really like the method that we have going as of right now where you walk in and it’s coffee and then they kind of look around they see the artwork and everything like that and then they’re like oh! Phones! Cellular One owns Naked Mobile, a pay-as-you-go service that operates in more rural areas of Arizona and New Mexico. To keep ahead of the competition the small company got creative. I mean you’re not seeing on the bigger carriers at festivals and different city events and we’ll be there. Naked Mobile is located in the heart of downtown Flagstaff and while it appeals to the shop local environment, the question is can it compete with other mobile carriers. Cheaper pay-as-you-go plans offer 3 gigabytes of data for forty dollars while competitors like t-mobile offer unlimited plans for five dollars more. While the focus of this store is to sell plans, customer Jerry Ahn says it’s a different vibe than a traditional kiosk. As long as you have that first initial, just general coffee shop vibe, that would draw people in and after that once they got their coffee then they see there’s something a little more. For Norwood it’s all about understanding the target market. I think that if you were to plop just a regular phone store just following all the regular rules of a phone store right in the center of downtown it wouldn’t work. The second you involve great music artwork, coffee and like just rad people I think that kind of brings people in us just as a whole. Naked Mobile is based in Show Low and expanded to Flagstaff two months ago. It recently opened a second location in the city earlier this month. In Flagstaff Kanak Jha, Cronkite News. For smaller carriers competition is fierce in the 24 billion dollar phone and data industry. Pay-as-you-go services made up about twenty three percent of the industry in 2013 according to the Cellular Telecommunication Industry Association.