The thing that makes Primp and Blow unique
is that it’s your one-stop shop. We cover all bases of hair except for hair
cuts and colors. So, if you’re wanting your full face makeup
application done, we can accomplish that—bridal hair, makeup for an event, or a blowout just
because you need your hair done. From the moment a client will walk in, they
are brought to our shampoo bowls, where they are shampooed, washed, conditioned, and scalp-massage is given. We perform any type of styling services they
would like, whether it be with round-brush curls, or having a dry style service done. But typically most people come in expecting
what we’re known for and what we’ve created a name for ourselves for—that glamazon,
round-brush style blowout. When it comes to our makeup services, we provide
everything from airbrush makeup to full-face makeup application. And we even in the last few years have started
doing advanced makeup when it comes to particular times of the year, such as for Halloween. We can do special effects makeup. The company provides very good quality hair
products. We work with many different product lines,
and the company makes sure that the stylists are educated on our product lines, to protect
their hair, to help re-grow hair, to help enhance their natural curls that they have,
to achieve the desired looks that they’re looking for. Trends come and go on a daily basis, so the
company makes sure they provide extended education on not just our blowouts, but our styling
methods when it comes to updos and dry styles. They always make sure that the stylists are
up to par to make sure that you get 100% of what you need. The stylists here are very passionate about
their education and the techniques that they’re able to provide. It’s more of a lifestyle choice. We all feel at the end of the day this is
what we love to do. If you love what you do, then you excel in it. Many of the clients come to Primp and Blow
and they feel so happy and content after they’ve had their hair styled with us. Because having that scalp massage and being
educated on the products to help maintain their hair, to help them feel good and more
beautiful—it’s not just external, it’s more internal. And they get a lot of internal joy. It’s a great team to be a part of. If you’re thinking about Primp and Blow, now
is the time! We’re growing at a very rapid pace. The need for this company in cities is definitely
apparent. The number of clients is always increasing—we’re always getting busier. We’re definitely getting a lot more of a need
in the beauty industry for a blow-dry salon, a blow dry concept.