Hey guys A little too close? As you know, I travel between New York and South California A LOT mainly for food and I’ve mentioned this before but there are certain food groups that are way better here in LA, in SoCal, than in New York for example, Vietnamese food Japanese Food and Korean food more specifically, Korean barbecue even more specifically: All you can eat Korean BBQ I mean right now there’s a couple good all you can eat Korean BBQ restaurants that just opened up in New York, New Jersey area But before that, we really had nothing But LA was the land of all-you-can-eat Korean BBQs So I’ve always wanted to do a video Going to a bunch of them, trying them out, letting you guys know what I think Of course I can’t fit all of them in this one video But, we’ll do what we can Let’s go eat some barbecue Hey guys it’s Mike Chen not the Mike Chen from this video Anyway, before you go watch this video I just want to clear some stuff up A lot of you noticed that I published a video and about 6, 7 hours later I took it down In this video I was in the Greater Los Angeles area and I was trying out Korean BBQs specifically all you can eat Korean BBQs and I found this really interesting place I went in, it was a beautiful restaurant They had 3 different pricing options The most expensive being around 50 dollars which included steak Dry-aged steak Anyway knowing me, I probably heard the words ‘dry-aged steak’ and my brain just completely shut off because the restaurant really only offers one steak and one short rib — whatever the premium products are only ONE of each per person But in my head for some reason I just thought everything was included in the all-you-can-eat for 50 bucks And the restaurant was just being really nice, so they just kept giving it to me because I think they saw me filming and in the end I was like, ‘Wow that’s not a bad deal for all-you-can-eat dry-aged ribeye for 50 bucks’ And that didn’t even seem strange to me because I’ve had all-you-can-eat wagyu in Japan for about 60-70 bucks So then hours after posting the video, I got a message from the manager of the restaurant saying ‘Hey we only offer one steak per person’ I was like ‘Whaaat??” I really thought everything was all-you-can-eat And that’s why, right away, I took the video down Wrote an explanation to you guys Because, like I said, if somebody told me something I love was all you can eat and it wasn’t I’d be pretty upset So if you were one of the people who saw the previous video and went to the restaurant and you didn’t get to eat all the steaks you want I know that feeling, I hate that feeling and I’m truly sorry about that So I basically was gonna just purge this video but then in the comments so many of you guys wanted to see this video with a disclaimer like this in the beginning So here is the video with some edits, ESPECIALLY at the end because now I’ve got to re-review this place because it’s not all-you-can-eat steak Anyway, here you go This is definitely the pinkest Korean barbecue place I’ve been to Whoa Metroid Man/Transformer lookalike guy Aged meat right inside the entrance This is really interesting, as soon as you walk in Arcade games Kind of like a retro, comic book store kinda vibe in the entrance Oh I just found out, this is Taekwon, that dude right there He’s like a Korean anime character during the 1970s So the restaurant’s theme is based on this superhero right here Maybe he’ll really like Korean BBQ And as soon as you walk in from the entrance The bar is over here and over here there’s like a sitting area and almost like a library/living room kind of setting Wow That’s a pretty setting They’re slicing meat over there in Taekwondo uniforms So this place, they just started serving all you can eat and that’s the only korean barbecue I go to because for me, if I don’t do all you can eat I end up spending like a hundred dollars so this place is really unique, check this out This is what they offer Himalayan Salt Dry Aged Black Angus 45 days Dry Aged Premium Kurobuta and everything’s cooked on a cast iron pan They offer three different tiers of all you can eat The first tier is lunch, which is 22.99 USD Second tier is Gold, which is 29.99 USD And the third tier, this is really interesting, is Diamond BBQ tier and this includes dry aged ribeye steak, which like I said, they age for 45 days and was hanging out at the front of their store The cast iron grill You get this with the Diamond meal Diamond, of course, can be way more expensive 47.99 USD And you’re really paying for the dry-aged ribeye steak Also with the Diamond, you get all the side dishes here So they told me to get the cheese fondue, the ‘Shake it Bomb’ and I got some cold noodles, because I gotta have cold noodles with my korean BBQ This is the ‘Shake it Bomb’ little bit of kimchi, seaweed, overeasy eggs, spam, rice, and a tin lunchbox Wow And that’s why it’s called a ‘Shake it Bomb’ This piece of fat is being used instead of butter or oil So this whole thing is going to have a fantastic beefy flavor That is the dry-aged ribeye So that was quite a show and this is the ultimate dry-aged ribeye this, all you need is a little bit of salt Whoa, what is this Dry-aged Oh my, it’s smoked? yeah it’s smoked I haven’t put a single piece of food in my mouth but i’m already really liking it Like I was saying, this meat just needs a little bit of salt Don’t ruin it Oh that’s a good piece of steak This is just a big ol’ chunk of fat right here I love pieces like this Again, just a little bit of salt And when it feels like the meat’s getting a bit too much, chase it with some kimchi It’s tender — not as tender as I would’ve thought But really intense beef flavor Starting my second round of meat and I’m gonna try this smoked ribeye just to see what the difference is and the grilled cheese as well Alright everyone let’s try the smoky ribeye just to see if there’s a difference If I can taste the smoke Mmm You could cut that smoke with a knife This piece was actually more tender than the last piece I’m not gonna expect it to be butter like A5 wagyu But that’s a solid piece of ribeye Very very flavorful ribeye This is the grilled cheese I really like this Crispy exterior, really milky Make sure you get some of that cheese I’m going to try a piece of that short rib One of my favorite cuts at a korean bbq Wow, this is the most tender cut of meat More tender than a sirloin itself and it’s just so buttery and they cooked the steak for being a korean barbecue and utilising a blowtorch this is cooked pretty well Bite of steak Bite of cheese Chasing with the kimchi Oh, I totally forgot I was so distracted by the steak –which happens a lot in my life I totally forgot about my cold noodles Take a piece of steak, little bit of salt mummify that with some cold noodles oh that was a good korean bbq experience Don’t go crazy on the cold noodles This is gonna fill you up Focus on the meat This is the ‘shake it box’ bomb I ordered this because I wanted to see what it was but this is probably not the best thing to get if you want to maximize your value here this is essentially just a tray of rice that is yummy though a little creamy because of the eggs there’s kimchi, and little strips of squid The cheese is bubbling This is the cheese fondue and what you do is you take a piece of steak and dip it in there oh yeah oh that is sooo sexy Tender beef, melty cheese What’s not to love about that? and now we’ve got a change of grills so we can get some of that charcoal flavor in there and this is the marinated short rib Tender, juicy, just a slight bit of char Wow The marinated short rib that thing is just exploding with flavor and the short rib is probably the most tender, the meltiest piece of meat you can find in korean bbqs and when you chew, that thing is just all butter also what they have here, in terms of dipping sauce it’s a little wasabi, and the key to eating more steak, more fatty meat is to be able to counteract that greasiness, that fattiness, with a bit of acid a bit of spice, and a little bit of wasabi is really gonna make your steak sing The wasabi really helps to just cut through the fat It’s really able to make the flavor of the beef stand out more It’s kind of like making a 2D movie 3D without giving you the headache I tried the dry-aged ribeye steak The prime ribeye steak and the boneless short ribs so far Out of those three–
Those are the top items in the Diamond tier I would say stay away from the prime ribeye steak It’s okay, but it’s not gonna be as tender or as flavorful as the aged steak Also I feel like the short rib I like that even more than the aged ribeye It’s just more tender and more flavorful for me But the ribeye definitely has the bigger beefy flavor Something else I gotta get and I do this at every korean barbecue because I love it so much The thinly sliced beef belly This thing, usually I like to dip it in some sesame oil with some salt Here I’m just gonna do a little salt There is a lot of smoke I think for the steak the skillet is more able to cook it to the perfect doneness but the grills really amp up that smoky flavor I think I’m going to stop the onslaught of meat here But they got one more thing I gotta get This is like a rice cracker ice cream Essentially a little ice cream sandwich So strawberry ice cream, a little syrup, between two rice crackers and there’s also a red bean paste on the bottom as well The restaurant here makes a really good bun because it’s super crumbly and it’s so airy that when you bite it, it kind of disintegrates and melts in your mouth with the ice cream A fitting conclusion to this pretty fantastic meal Let’s go talk outside So overall impression: I love that place Also what kept popping into my head was that East Coast all you can eat korean bbqs is just not even close to what’s being offered here but let’s break it down more In terms of quality, this place is solid Hey it’s me again, just gonna cut in here on this guy Anyway, like he probably said this is a quality restaurant all the meats we got were really good cuts the customer service, the waitstaff so attentive and amazing and everything tasted really good even the side dishes, even that shake it box and the cold noodles were great but in the previous review I said the steaks were good, they weren’t A5 wagyu quality but they were good especially for the price all you can eat for the steaks that’s not a bad deal for steak lovers it wasn’t as tender as I would’ve liked but the flavor is good I think my favorite cut is the short ribs which, of course, is limited to one per person so at least for me, the extra money I was paying for the diamond level I could have done without the steaks I mean, the short ribs were excellent, the best cut there But I don’t know if that’s worth the extra 25 or so dollars So if I was to go back there again I’m pretty sure I will because it is a great restaurant and probably one of the top all you can eat korean restaurants I’ve been to in the US I would not pay the extra money for the steak Anyway, that’s my revised review now back to this guy I mean, everything aside is just from my feeling going in the whole dining experience and then coming out My heart and my tastebuds are telling me ‘That’s a fantastic place’ and the original plan for this video was to go to 2 or maybe 3 all you can eat korean bbq restaurants to try them out but a last minute collab has been scheduled for my last day here So unfortunately that’s going to have to wait until I come back but trust me, I will get the job done Anyway guys as always, the location for this place is listed for you in the description box below Thank you all so much for watching Until we eat again, I’ll see you later