okay we’re all very drunk
this was nearly a very very bad day luckily I was saved saved by a Thai girl
and the night ended up pretty good it ended up looking like this ok so the back
story is that I really wanted to go to a pool party…. before I get into my little
backstory if you guys just want to skip to the nightclub and seeing girls I
know a lot of you guys just want to do that to just skip to this minute here I
know my clientele.. so a pool party I’ve been to another one you haven’t checked
out [email protected] crazy pool party and photo shoot of girls and I want to
go to another one I want to go to the Hard Rock Cafe which looks a little
something like this the pool parties look amazing amazing amazing anyway I
don’t want to go alone that weird creepy guy showing up alone and a pool party with loads of
people there covered in foam so I might hit up some of my friends first off I
hit up Gel you’ve seen her in and loads of of my videos and hit her up I say hey what’s
what’s going on what are you doing but she’s busy she already got plans her and
her friends have to do a photo shoot in their bedroom because that’s something
the Thai girls do and then they’re going out so next – actually I’ve been talking
to some before I came here saying if they wanted to go out from Instagram
they hit me up said hi so I said sure sure if I come to a pool party with me…
didn’t answer did not answer so next I call a friend of mine
I’ve known her for actually I’ve known for a couple of years and again she’s
too busy but she’s going to come to another one with me I think at Siam… I’m I’m getting blown out here like left right and center finally I call another friend
you’d have seen her in some my other videos like teaching me that teach talk Thai
what not to say really in Thailand she’s busy she’s like
go alone and I’m at work just go alone boy doll anyway so I leave the hotel
room I’m I’m just gonna go to the pool party
alone I think the hotel I’m actually staying in the leaves right now which is
right on soy per cow by LK Metro I leave there and I get a taxi to the place at a
pool party is it’s called the Hard Rock Cafe which is down on Beach Road I get
this bike and the bike guy is crazy crazy crazy
okay so I’ll shop at the Hard Rock Cafe but it looks like this it’s dead it’s
absolutely dead okay I come across the street cafe music so I just went there
the time is the time is 8 o’clock and it’s pretty empty still it’s pretty dead
so I’m gonna go back there in a now or maybe 2 hours and check it out he’s got
a potential to be amazing the pool and everything is incredible I say the pool
although it’s not a rooftop like Samer Sam the pool looks incredible a tropical
tide pool and the photos are the phone party and stuff so maybe a Sivir off-day
or it’s too early so let’s go back in the meantime my friend who said that she
couldn’t come today worked in a hotel just up here on reception so we’re gonna
go and pop in and say hello to her you pretending to work just hug in the fan
okay so I’ll go to a hotel which is actually not far of a walk on Beach Road
and and I say look that bull body was rubbish and she’s like yeah you’re way
too early potatoes and open so early I think I’m gonna go back again I think I
was way too early but I’m tired and she’s like okay I’ll take you out I will
take you out and we’ll go out and do something great saved by a Thai curl
you’re gonna take me out tonight that means we’re means no but she means
yes we’re gonna go hello where should we go tonight go out
everyday get a Walking Street save me take me because that pool party
was rubbish saved by Tiger anyway why she finishes
work I head back home I have to change I’m so hot I’ve been walking all day our
Beach Road and now go to Walking Street I have a cut the beers actually I go to
windmill and a couple other places I have a couple of beers first and then I
go to the sign to meet her okay so I didn’t think we were going to
go to saamana cause she doesn’t like it she really doesn’t like insomnia but if
you didn’t hear that she has friends there it’s just friends waiting in
insomnia so she’s taking me along just me the one farang her and all Thai
friends what could go wrong we arrive go upstairs straight away in the club is
all ready pumping this clubs always like this let me see my other not like videos
it’s always always crazy like this anyway so these girls they they’ve
already been there for a little while and they’ve already got a bottle token
if you haven’t seen my video before going check it out the 1000 batt
challenge on my other night like videos and I explained then you can buy a
bottle in the club here that’s the cheapest way to drink it comes out like
fall through something but a drink as opposed to spare paying like 160 per
drink if you buy the bottle buy the bottle if you don’t finish the bottle in
your night out they give you a ticket mark off where you got to and they put
it behind the bar and then you can come back to it amazing amazing so Nan’s
pouring drink now it’s time to party jumpin the Lincoln Ellie OS leaking
immediately sharp to see the know what you sleeping then rep you up nice and
even if she’s open I’m scanning for motion I’m just trying to make up my
pockets of peace know what the coochie I just want to loo she saw me another my
pussy’s kidney my gratitude chains loose Chinese his boot all right here I’m
doing these shots these are these ice shots I’ve shown this before
30 bucks they’ll come around with Atreides you try and push them on you I
mean that they’re okay how many times can I get on camera she’s gonna be
beating me up soon she hates being on camera
well maybe shouldn’t have gotta have a guy who knows everything okay so here’s
a game they were playing here right you see this like rock-paper-scissors we
call it that’s like the only drinking game I’ve ever seen them play and
they’re playing it here rock-paper-scissors
well penny do it in big groups and and now I never really know who’s won you’ve
sent in some other videos when I lose be surprised surprised they’re doing it
here so first they’re doing this time like you saying Chuck Wow Chuck Wow for
it means masturbation and like yeah yeah mr. Bo’s the motivation no Dan it’s rock
paper scissors creepy Frank okay what about from this game is on my friend
lost and she’s getting I never steered this drunk and we never really see it
through drunk and she’s getting very very drunk
let’s party some more okay so everyone now is getting a little
bit married in this group next to us you see them oh oh ham in a minute so we’ve
got a lot of going on that’s a clear sign when Tiger was on camera doing this
yeah junk junk junk junk junk junk okay so next doors here you’ll see in the
background there’s a english group that come and sit with us and that’s why I
love Pattaya everyone would just talk to anyone nor from up north somewhere near
Manchester I think they told me and actually see these are the next few
nights I go out I see these guys again and again and everyone’s getting very
drunk groups groups combined there’s too many girls are getting annoyed that
there’s not enough guys here like you will never have this problem in England
that there are there are no enough guys at the reverse problem in Thailand too
many girls in the club not enough guys and everyone’s getting
very very drunk I’m getting really drunk I’m getting I’m filming a lot I’m
pointing a lot that’s the sign next I be like hugging hugging the staff I’m such
a creep I’m such a weird guy you can see the progression when I first started
people are covering their faces don’t know when to be on camera
then party end of it they’re doing like doing like road job signs and stuff and
like being on camera dancing okay at the end here you can’t see if you’ve seen my
other video about Johnny getting attacked by a tiger she’s here and she
says like where’s Johnny and he’s in England I don’t tell her anything and
I’m like you have to find him he’s in here somewhere I think she didn’t cause
them about 47,000 times and he’s not he’s beaten him later okay so that was
the end of the night I hope you enjoyed it you haven’t even know if you haven’t
seen half a mile of videos gonna check them out if you like them do I just show
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very much for watching guys really really appreciate it and I will
see you on the next one