no Sergey I told you to disperse his body in acid not to throw him in the lake nah oh hi dear Eastern European friends in our last episodes we showed you the worst reviewed hotel and restaurant in Slovakia in this episode we moved to the Czech Republic according to this graph there’s only one thing we can do here so let’s find ourselves the worst reviewed bar and get fucked up time to find the worst review bar in the Czech Republic this time we’re not going to we’re going to Zomato calm a website very popular here in the Czech Republic often used by locals basically every single restaurant pop bar whatever is listed here even the less touristy ones pups and bars and let’s go you know where the very last page page number 28 oh and I can see it two point four stars out of five and it’s called Genie stuff it’s here in Prague Eenie stuff means a different state and I suppose we may end up in a different state maybe in the state of death let’s see the photos this looks pretty normal like the typical Czech pop called Hospital there are hundreds of them in every single check city I don’t know what’s so bad about this let’s see the reviews I understand that servers can have bad days but for the love of God don’t show it to the customer so cleaner waitress was like an open umbrella shoved up on your ass and her disgusted expression and stupid remarks ruined our niya throw pre and stuff behavior ignorant waiter and weird reactions from the manager locked and waitress utter disinterest and slaughtered fear and tasty food but that’s it the staff is absolutely all right I think we just found out why this pub has such a low rating it’s the staff apparently annoyed very unprofessional very rude an interesting idea just popped into my head we’re gonna go to this bar and we’re gonna ask a lot of questions and see if we can get one of these beautiful reactions let me just get my cameraman Vladimir is having birthday today so I’m gonna invite him for a beer in this bar [Music] [Music] so we lit some delicious cigarettes hopped on our electric scooters and got ourselves ready for the worst staff that ever worked in the restaurant business it did not take long and the worst reviewed bar in the Czech Republic emerged in front of us we are in front of the worst reviewed bar in the Czech Republic we’re really thirsty we’re probably gonna have a lot of beers we’re probably gonna get drunk and we’re also gonna order some beer snacks Czech Republic is famous for its beer snacks we’re starving let’s hope this is not our Last Supper let’s go pretty much chef [Music] you know multiple body tests our native a pure president yo ass crema so we entered the worst reviewed bar in the Czech Republic one server immediately started talking to us he seemed very very polite very very nice he proposed two beers as probably every server in the Czech Republic when a bunch of guys enter a beer pub so far so good the server is really really nice Cheers Pilsner Urquell probably the best beer in the world no joke beer is great there’s probably not a single bar in this country that offers that beer let’s see what they offer so we’re gonna order the snacks there are two very famous beer snacks here in the Czech Republic first one is called pathetic which is a wrong ground beef with raw egg with a lot of spices you mix it up all together with garlic and onion and you put it on toppings it’s really delicious usually not that dangerous but we’re gonna play that we saw this for the first time and see the reaction of the allegedly root servers the second thing we’re gonna order is a camembert cheese with pickled onions called head melon also huge check classic let’s confront the waiter with our fear of raw egg and throw ground that statistic SEMA then not follow me here milena motions of speed that then then beachtek sort of I’m a soldier at the spatula just Tyger Tyger you can wash the server is brilliant so far smiling there’s no sign of rudeness she’s not annoyed at all huge thumbs up this doesn’t seem like the worst ravit bar in this country yo HTTP ba la prossima vas a CI to Solano Shelly the server again propose two more beers but that is very common here in the Czech Republic that the servers are proposing that in a in an amicable way and we also ordered another check classic that I think cannot be found anywhere else in the world it’s called Zelena which means green and it’s a peppermint liqueur we also asked how many percent does it have an if it’s drunk another of our never-ending questions and the server just smiled and answered he’s smiling all the time I would give this pub probably five stars so far well let’s see the food let’s see the snacks maybe he’s gonna change in five minutes after five more questions it’s just a motion speeder dakotas kujaku Tyger Tyger Yakima I want the server to be my uncle you cannot see him because he’s always standing behind the cameras amazing smiling all the time suggesting things this is an exceptional server Tegra since it was Tom telesco trust more money p.m. I heard these things cause hallucinations Cheers magical I maggots KOCO I can feel the minty flavor very interesting we’re getting fired up today I think it’s better than normal for me you were always strange Vlad has a deep thought it it’s probably because he’s getting drunk so say it generally if server is good it’s something like a placebo the better and the meal really [Music] so what Vlad was trying to say and failed horribly was that when the server is good it creates sort of a placebo effect you’re enjoying the meal and the drinks more and it creates this great atmosphere and your stay is just very pleasant and enjoyable and that’s what’s happening right now at this place well but this may change our minds özil shit cuz of shit kill just nigga but i think we should start with this the camembert cheese probably the biggest check classic when it comes to beer snacks Bon Appetit or as they say in the Czech Republic dobro hood I think the texture is great [Music] great very good I’ve tried several of these during my life this is definitely one of the best ones fuck me how can this be the very restroom we’re having the real Czech experience right now here peppermint liqueur camembert cheese and stock this cannot get any better alright I’m really looking forward to this the process of mixing the tartare you basically have probably like 5 different spices here you have the paprika you have cumin here you have pepper salt this is chili ketchup mustard and the finely chopped onion so you have the the raw egg yolk on the top of the ground beef you simply mix it all together I hope we’re not getting a tapeworm from this let me know in the comments below if you’re not from the Czech Republic if this seems strange to you I would also recommend to you put a little bit of Porchester sauce and soy sauce inside this is some real chemistry here now the second part of the process you pick the topping and you do this with the garlic now you put the mixture on the top of the topping like a spread this is the best of Eastern Europe loving the taste of Cape horns five stars so far five stars there has to be something bad here five stars tartare what are you doing [Music] can I at least have a little sip I will try the liquor we have to annoying questions up in our sleeves let’s try them for a suggestion down a little grass Sally’s methods PETA a genie acoustic desert Ave ganske ala bucco Alvarez le Akiko together Antony yes and we also ordered two of their signature drinks alcoholic drinks and a dessert and we asked if if the dessert was vegan and gluten-free a question that would probably piss off half the population of the Czech Republic but the server was calm he was cool such a great guy so we got the signature drinks let’s try them block cheer snob we have to do cheers before you drinks first negative point of this night I really don’t like the dreams there’s no taste it’s like drinking water with some lime juice no the drinks are not good not recommending the drink here the document only picnic let’s try the last last item on the menu the dessert called metal niek which is a honey dessert I’m getting a bit tipsy so it should be good it’s honey yo shit kind of bland but still pretty good I would give it three point six not great not terrible three point six oh great or terrible but these drinks are shit I’m not gonna finish the drink it’s like it’s like water the bathrooms are often very disgusting now let’s see the bathrooms then [Music] the drinks the desert and the toilet where every chart mediocre no let’s just have one or be here and finish this beautiful chai experience ladies and gentlemen our time here in the worst review pub in the Czech Republic is almost over and as always we’re gonna confront the staff with the fact that they’re working in the where’s review bar and ask them what they think about it’s more himself [Music] not so much I collect emotional images we are simply such thing as mr. nasty but ha ha ha – [Music] tahini so Anita enjoyed separate survived a little of that a perception [Music] [Music] [Music] we’ve just seen that places where the loan rating are not always that bad especially when the management decides to fire rude staff and replace them with angels like this one can’t believe that I’m saying this but I’m giving the worst review to pup in the Czech Republic four stars out of five if you want to see more of the worst reviewed places in Eastern Europe hit the like button and let me know in the comments below what you want to see next good luck Eenie stuff or the different state we’re definitely leaving in a different state of mind a positive state of mind and also a bit drunk see you next time [Music] you