This is hard.
I like this pocket. I’m not even sure what it is, but it just felt natural
reading the pocket, man. And I ain’t rocking
no more designer shit. White T’s and Nike Cortez,
this red Corvette’s anonymous. I’m usually homeboys
with the same (beep) I’m rhyming with,
but this is hip-hop, and I’ll (beep)
should know what time it is. That’s K.Dot, that’s Kendrick.
That’s hard man. I mean, it’s hard
to find wack Kendrick bars and he got his own
Nike Cortezes, that was pretty prophetic. Although he probably already
had that in play, huh? I’m gonna give this a five, because there’s no capping
these raps. (beep) wet and wavy
got him slipping in bed. Drove that (beep) crazy,
I got him tripping in his head. I desert him like Sahara
skrrt off in the Panamera. Same color as Panera
make him give me all his bread. Damn, that’s hard. That’s some good wordplay,
flipping syllables. Shout out to the Sahara.
It’s hard. I don’t know who this is, but I’m gonna give this
a five too. I (beep) like Madonna,
maybe like Rihanna. (beep) wanna try me,
I don’t think they wanna. Plant them underground
like a mother (beep) farmer. Guns all in my house,
got me feeling like Osama. Hey, y’all giving me
some good bars today. I’ve seen some terrible bars
on this before, but this is hard. I don’t think
they want to, plant … I just, I like this pocket.
I’m not even sure what it is, but it just felt natural
reading the pocket, man. I got to give this
a four out of five. Peep facts, in the game so deep. Fiends could catch
a freeze off my kneecap. Can y’all believe that? Got the city drinking Cristal,
re-up the fee. Rappers going broke
trying to keep up with me. That’s hard,
and he shouted out fiends. Cristal.
That’s got to be … is that Hov or something?
It’s got to be Hov, right? Yeah. I just peeped the Cristal bar.
Hov [inaudible 00:01:48] it, we’re going to do five.
We got to do five for Hov. I hid the weed, I told myself
last time would be my last. I don’t trust my own (beep),
now my mind racing fast. Got my foot up on the gas,
got 100 on the dash. If the police run up on me,
I ain’t stopping for their ass. This is Cole, right? I’m a student of this shit,
I know (beep) raps. Yeah, man. And I’ve gotten high
with this (beep), he probably got
paranoid around me. I’m sorry bro, I’m going to give you five
for making you paranoid. I’m nowhere near done yet,
dumb dumb just come check shit. I won’t flex but I’ve been
living for like nine months off of one check. Lyrics and (beep)
come quick when my tongue flick. (beep) so damn wet,
feel like you jump ship. Wet (beep) a theme today.
That’s a great theme. Living for like nine months
off one check is very fiscally responsible, so we going to give you
a five for that. Live life like a baby
that was dead at birth, but came alive
and (beep) the nurses. If you don’t like it tell
a (beep) jump if you feeling Kermit. If you sleeping on me
we can make it permanent. That’s J.I.D., right?
Yeah, that is J.I.D. Man, you know
I got to go five for the bro. He one of the hardest doing it.
Shout out to J.I.D. Baby I was dead at birth but came alive
and (beep) the nurses. You’re a sick bastard, bro. Squeeze a trigger
’till it five (beep). How that sound. Higher than
a prison barbed wire, but I’ll buy a round. Tell my (beep) bottoms up,
tomorrow’s another day. Hope the lawn lady luck,
keep the law from out my face. That’s some cool word
play in here. Higher than
a prison barbed wire, tell my (beep) bottoms up.
That’s pretty good. I’m going to give that a 3.5.
Who’s that? That’s you, man. For real?
[crosstalk 00:03:27] I don’t like those bars
for me, man. Where’d you dig that one out of?
Leave it there. They’ll never tow the toe
on a track with me. There’ll never be
another one after me. ‘Cause the skill level
still just a half of me. Blasphemy, my (beep)
will blast for me. Blasphemy and blast for me
is overdone for me. I’m going to give
that a three. I was watching, steady
plottin’ pistol totin’. Mixing beans with my lean,
that shit had floating. I was broke now I’m eating,
stomach feeling bloated. I been showed you
how to flex. Young (beep) wrote it.
I don’t know. Nothing really grabs me
out of this either. I’m going to give
this one a three. What’s up ya’ll, this is Bas,
and I just rated those bars.