hi guys this is Rana with nonbiasedreviews.com today we are here to review the dream cloud we’ve been sleeping on the
drearmcloud now for almost three weeks now and here’s bottom line or in briefly how it
feels like when I wake up and I want to leave the dreamcloud so we cannot I want
to leave bad to get things done you know in the morning but then I won’t go back
to sleep that’s how awesome it is the end end of
the review just kidding alright so here’s how I feel about the
dream cloud and here’s my review on the dream cloud dream cloud is a 15
inch luxury hybrid mattress it combines the best of latex memory foam pocketed
coils handcrafted top-quality cashmere and tufting and the best premium again
coil technology to provide with the best sleep ever there are few things that I
have noticed about the dream cloud again it’s 15 inches so that’s how thick it is
so you need to be careful when you leave your bed give yourself a little bit of
time to get used to it because that is high so that’s how I fell first few
nights and a cloud not just as in plush feel or comfortable and soft feel it is
also high time and high another thing you also need to take note of is that
you need to figure out which or what’s the correct size of fitted sheet so I
needed they’re called deep pocket sheets or fitted sheets so that’s what you need
to get because they are this mattresses again this is thick like yeah you need to
purchase the right sheets fitted sheets for this mattress so you can
keep it nice and clean you do not want to mess this one up this is one of them
looks like I’m sitting right now on it with no sheets and I’m so I don’t want to
make any mistakes with my face on it who has makeup on it it’s amazing it’s just
so luxurious so nice so beautiful so well done you can feel the quality just
by sitting by looking at it and I’m not just making things up I know we have
tested quite a few mattresses a lot of them were very disappointing some of
them were like too though you know as soon as you look at it right now it’s
just another you know nothing top well the year it’s just just like any other
top layer or but not this one as you can see when you go through the
details of just the top the cover of the mattress you can tell how much work has
been done into putting this mattress a lot of hours a lot of work a lot of
even devotion those little details mean a lot to me personally which means it
better mean a lot they will mean a lot to you as well you
can tell how every single stitch on the top cover is just perfectly done so
we’re talking here again about the dreancloud the dreamcloud is right in here as just
one of the top high quality mattresses bottom line I will talk about what’s
inside of it a little bit of more details and how we slept on in who can
sleep on the dream cloud the dream cloud comes in one standard
of comfort which is all you need it’s good for back sleepers side sleepers
even stomach sleepers I even slept on my stomach for the first time ever I spent
more time sleeping on my stomach mattress than any other mattress I have
tested before because it was so comfortable and welcoming I’m not
usually the stomach sleeper and don’t feel comfortable this one was just made
for all types or positions of positions or sleepers I am very happy sleeping on
my back here as well it’s providing with enough comfort and bounciness together
combined thanks to the layers so the memory foam layers the latex and the
coils all together are acting up to give me all the support and comfort at the
same time to keep me leveled and sleeping really well at night even when
I’m taking naps I will take naps on it of course this is my might not go to
mattress so that’s not just it we are going to talk about what makes the dream
cloud so special I don’t know if you have seen our unboxing video or unrolling the
mattress out of its duffel bag or big bag that I am using currently in my
store and we all know that it’s was it was very compressed so it won’t take you
at least two three hours I just let it rest so it takes its shape especially
when it’s a thick mattress again to remember if at some time – for the
coils to take their shapes and forms inside the mattress this mattress is
made of and like all premium cashmere knit top quality materials so we’re
talking about the top layer of top cover right now what makes the dream cloud so
special let’s talk about the top cover first of all this is where the body makes
first contact for any mattress the top cover itself provides superior softness
cooling and moisture management even so it keeps you nice and cool and
comfortable when you sleep on this mattress that’s thanks to the top cover
it’s made of premium cashmere net oh you can feel the high quality and you’d only
have purchased the right mattress especially when you travel or you work
all day long and you can not wait to come back and sleep on that mattress
especially again when you travel which means you have been to hotel rooms but
they’re supposed to be luxurious mattresses and you’re happy to sleep on
them not in this case you want to come back and sleep on your dream cloud even
have to travel and you have slept on the most comfortable mattresses in any hotel
room which brings this little point here and I seriously thought about it hotel
purchasing people if you’re watching this video consider investing in dream
clouds in your hotel rooms because seriously this is what everyone is
looking for or forward to sleep on when they are tired the dream cloud did come
in one comfort level it’s true but it’s universal comfort level that’s what I’m gonna call it
whether you’re a petite person like me or a heavier person you are going to
love it and we will talk about why a happier person will love it and I won’t
have a happier person to test it also for you and talk about their experience
and then later on video but today I’m talking about my personal experience
inside the dream cloud have latex layer providing support bounce resiliency and
it takes away potential energy issues that’s right the gel infused visco
elastic memory foam in the top layer of quilting for cooling it creates superior
lofting and cushion it gives the feeling that you are sleeping on a cloud
where the name came from dreamcloud seeing it and I was hoping I won’t be
sleeping on a cloud when I received it I heard of the name for the first time
dreamcloud that sounds very promising and it is and it was very important
thing that I would like to mention that there’s five comfort zones and that’s
why this one Universal comfort level is enough to cover all types of sleepers or
sleep positions and also again whether you’re a small person or a heavier person and the five comfort zones will make you
very comfortable by that we mean it covers your shoulders neck hips legs
back and your head for maximum support and comfort it is 15 inch mattress it’s
a hybrid mattress and it’s a 15 inch hybrid luxurious mattress and I am very
specific and I really need a nice integer is it’s a lot of comfort
bounciness I’m sitting like a dead person on this mattress usually anything
makes me yeah but no not this one at all like I need to wake up in the morning
get my kids ready for school and stuff and sometimes that my kid comes to wake
me up to have them to have me help them get ready and once I’m done with them I
come back to sleep seriously very important thing with all this work
premium work a lot of devotion a lot of details put into this mattress it is at
a very affordable price you can find almost the same mattress I’m talking
about thickness a hybrid the micro coils inside of them maybe the viscoelastic
memory foams all kind of layers and another same mattress for three times
the price so do your homework know what you’re purchasing consider getting a
dream cloud because they will often use 365 night trial a whole year you can try it
at no risk just try it they will try you will love
it you want to keep it you’re a back sleeper side sleeper stomach sleeper you
want this mattress thanks to its one comfort level that’s all you need
it has all the comfort the bounciness this edge support oh man look at this I
mean that’s something Oh a very important thing I have also tested a lot
of hybrid mattresses with of course the coils inside of them they’re supposed to
micro coils micro pocketed coils of course individually pocketed points just
like this one but I never ever have enjoyed the edges like I did with this
one the coils are not just hiding inside on between the layers you cannot feel
them on the edge when you run your hand through the side of the mattress I mean
seriously I have tried other mattress like I said and I can definitely feel
the coil and stick in Gotham she’s so annoying I don’t like sitting on the
side of the mattress that’s fine but that doesn’t mean that a mattress is not
supposed to be perfect head to toe or layer by layer or layer
and micro coils inside of it seriously this is something very important that I
have noticed sleeping on the on the dreamcloud I love how there’s there’s no
way you can feel the coils the annoying feel of coil sticking out on the edge of
the mattress I am very so happy with it
let’s go back to their awesome offer 365 night trial at the comfort of your house
come straight to your door it has handles then I was asked for help to
move it around but having the handles helps a lot personally I love our
mattresses I receive with handles so this is one of
them especially that it’s heavy you need those handles and they’re very sturdy
some handles I have had issues with and they came out and they broke absolutely
not this one I have tried everything seriously but
seriously they’re so sturdy a lot weren’t put into the dream clouds all
those little details like I said from the cover from the top layer to the
bottom every single inch of this 15 inch mattress is perfectly done so 365 night
trial so give it a try you won’t regret it come to your house
to your door if you don’t like it which I highly doubt but if you don’t like it
they won’t come and pick it up at no charge as well now that we have covered
what makes the dreamcloud so special and so comfortable on every single level and
in every single it with the inch of it the whole 15 inch length let’s talk
about their special benefits and features did you offer of course free
shipping and returns but you’re not going to return first of all because you
get to try for 365 nights free trial risk-free if you don’t like it you can
return it but so I’m going to like it so you’re gonna keep it it’s one of them
seriously best sleep ever had I am going to sleep on it by the way and like
it’s not just for my testing this is my go to a mattress I do have a go to
mattress number one and this is my go to mattress the other go to mattress
is not hybrid so it’s gonna be my hybrid go to a mattress in between testing
another very special feature or benefit they’d have something that no other
mattress company has it’s called the ever long warranty the name says it all
for as long as you own and use the dream cloud it is covered that’s
something really big and important the mattress is an investment but you are
purchasing in luxurious hybrid mattress at an affordable price so always
remember that other benefits also n features again that no one else has one
of them is that they will clean up your mattress and year after your own it and
that’s upon request another feature five years after
ownership of the dream cloud they will recondition it to make it new all over
again so those are really important things I wanted to mention in this video
sort of those know what you are getting yourself into you’re getting yourself
into one way to get to the first dream cloud
sleep you’ll ever have if you have any questions anything regarding or
concerning this mattress please leave your comments below I am here to answer
them and then I’m giving the dream cloud that’s right it’s seriously the name
says it all the name is in this mattress and on this mattress is stitched on the
mattress that’s going through your cloud just like sleeping on a cloud
it’s very dreamy it’s very comfortable it’s very relaxing it’s for all types of
positions sleepers you name it also thank you for watching
our video don’t forget to subscribe thanks to you guys that I’m able to test
and read your mattresses so all those connects helped me even
help me make even more videos thank you for watching and we’ll see you next time