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miss another update from me. Yours truly, Mahathalli! *Whines in Malayalam* May I come in, Doctor? Doctor is on her way.
Please take your seat. Isn’t she here yet?
Then who are you? I am a nurse. I should’ve guessed.
given that you speak malayalam. Appointment No. 566? Appointment No. 566? Appointment No. 566? Okay then, do we have 567? That’s me.
– Please, go ahead. Hey, wait!
This is my turn. Thrice I have called for you. How can you send him?
I’ve been waiting here for that last 1 hour. I just went to the washroom for 2 minutes.
How can you send him in before me? This is a hospital.
Can you please lower your voice? I just went in for 2 minutes.
I went to use the loo. All of us use the loo sometime, right?
Can you not send him before me? Okay, will you go in now? Isn’t that why I am here? So, who’s the patient? He is the patient.
– That’s me, doctor! Okay, then! Is he here with you? No, no.
He came here to drop me. Okay! So, what’s your problem? You know, these days, sometimes
I am not able to catch my breath properly. Since when are you
having this trouble? I have this trouble when
I use the staircase, or when I run.. Or when I try to catch a bus, or
when I go gymming.. My stamina is so low
and easily lost these days. Do you smoke? Yes, I smoke. How often do you smoke in a day? Only one? No, no. I smoke a full pack in one day. What is your age? I am 18. Don’t tell me what your heart says.
Tell me your actual age. I am 24. If you smoke so much,
you’ll soon be in a big trouble. Okay, tell me one thing?
I smoking a cigerette better or a vape? I’ve started using a vape.
And that too apple flavored. Is it any good? A vape? And, is it okay if have 2 beers everyday? You just wait, okay? Is it true that our skin gets fairer
if we drink wine everyday? I came here first. You just stop!
– You stop! You tell me, doctor. Anyway, did you pay the
consultation fee for two? No, we paid the fee only for me. First, go pay the fee for the both of you. Let’s go.
– Okay! I walked barefoot around my lawn
eating some snacks while it was raining. And I cut my foot. From then on,
I am not able to walk properly. I’ll give you
an injection and you’ll be fine. Easy, Easy!
– No, doctor! I am scared of injections. Just give me some tablets, doctor.
– You won’t feel a thing. You have to take this.
– No, please. No! Hello, what’s your name? I am Jones, doctor. Okay, what’s your problem? I have head ache,
cold and cough, doctor. I’ll prescribe some tablets. Use them
and you’ll be fine. You need not worry! How often do I take them, doctor?
Once, or twice, or thrice a day? And for how many days?
Do I take them before a meal or after? What to eat and what not.
How long before I get back to normal? Can I go to the office?
Should I use a scarf? Would these tablets make me feel drowsy? Can I take a shower everyday?
I mean, can I wash my hair everyday? I have the flu, right? Maybe
talking a shower is not a good idea. Should I use hot water?
Or is it okay if I use cold water? Next! How may I help you? He does not study at all, doctor! Dad! I study a lot
but I don’t remember anything. That’s the problem, doctor. He has a very
bad memory. He’s a very dull student. He’s too bad. He does study all night but
just cannot remember anything the next day. He has been the same since childhood.
Once when he is in 4th grade I beat him to a pulp. I kept hitting him all along
our journey from his school to our home. But he’s still the same, ma’am! He’s a grown up now and one
would think I wouldn’t hit him anymore. Still, I hit him.
But, his grades haven’t improved. I make him drink milk
with Bournvita and Boost everyday. But nothing’s working, ma’am Please ma’am! Please give him some
medicine that improves his IQ. There’s no medicine
that could improve one’s IQ! You’re Boon, right? So, do you smoke or booze or do you have
any other habbits that I should know? No, no!
– Are you into smoking or drinking? That’s the reason you’ve become so dumb.
Now I get it. Sir, children generally feel uncomfortable
to talk about these if parents are around. I’ll talk to him.
You please step outside for 2 minutes. If I get know anything, you’re dead.
– No dad, there’s isn’t anything. Now, you can tell me! No, no, I don’t booze. Do you drink? I don’t have the habbit of drinking. I will not say a word to your dad.
You can tell me. I mean, I’m sorry. I do drink! Every now and then, me and my friends
meet up and have a few drinks. You dumbass! How dare you booze, you idiot!
– No dad! You’re getting deviated because
of your smoking and drinking habbits. Sir, that is not the way you deal
with your kids. Listen to me. You’re literally drinking my blood.
– Dad, no dad! Sir, we’ll start his
treatment and he’ll be fine. Please ma’am! I know how to treat this
dumbass. I have a special treatment for him. Sir! Very bad! You’re looking weak. This might be because
you have low levels of glucose in your body. We better go for an IV.
You’ll be totally fine. Okay then, you prescribe it to me.
I’ll get it done with a nurse near my place. I suggest you get it
done right here. It’s okay, doctor. I know these things.
Give me a prescription and I’ll get it done. This should be done only in a hospital
under the supervision of a doctor. Ma’am! This is hurting.
Why is it taking so long? Hello, brother!
How are you? Hello, Uncle!
Tell me your problem. Hello, Aunt!
How are you doing? Yes, you can take that.
You’ll be fine. What’s your problem? Yes ma’am, please tell me. You can take it once after a meal.
That’ll be enough. You don’t need to give the little girl
a full table. A half tablet should it. Hey, Gow!
Tell me. Hey, Natasha!
What happened? Hey Ganesh!
What’s up with you? Acidity? Change your eating habbits. I don’t know any doctors in Bangalore.
I can suggest somebody in Hyderabad. I’ll ask a few of the doctors I know
and then get back to you. Hello, Tell me. I have cough, doctor. Okay, did you take any
medicine for it? I took a pill of Paracetamol. Hello! How are you feeling now? I think I have a flu, doctor. Did you take any medicine for it? I took a pill of Paracetamol. Okay, so what happened? I have had a severe
head ache for the last 2 days. Did you take a medicine? Yes doctor. Paracetamol! Paracetamol? I guessed it. I feel like my body is aching. Didn’t you take Paracetamol? I took Paracetamol, doctor.
But of no use. I feel very weak, doctor. Paracetamol? I didn’t take it, doctor. Why, sir? I ran out of my stock of tablets. If you give me a sample,
I’ll take it, doctor. Oh, sure, sure! Here you go.
You can take the entire strip. Thank you, doctor. Wait! I’ll give you other medicines. I’ll use these, doctor.
If this doesn’t work, then I’ll come back. Paracetamol rocks! How are you feeling, Neha? I don’t feel any pain.
I think this is unnecessary now. You don’t get too excited.
It needs a little more time to heal. I have a badminton game tomorrow.
I need your clearance. If not, my mom wouldn’t let me go. Move your hand slowly. I am fine, doctor.
Oh shit! That’s why I told you to move it slow.
What’s the hurry? Okay now, just wait. It stung all of a sudden.
Now it’s completely fine. Wait! Will you hit me with that now? Now, do you feel any pain? No. I don’t. Don’t you get it, doctor?
I do not feel any pain. And, now? Careful! Don’t hit me so hard. So, now you feel
the pain, don’t you? If you hit me so hard,
obviously I will feel some pain. You should put this on
for another two weeks. No, no. I cannot.
I’ve a badminton game tomorrow. Two weeks. Just another two weeks.
– Please doctor, I have a game tomorrow. Hello! I had a stomach bug last week.
So, I took Unienzyme pills. So, that should be okay right? And before that, I sprained my leg
and I took Flexon. And, my mother-in-law is having a neck pain.
I’m giving her Flexon too. I took a Dolo 650 medicine for fever.
Should I still continue that? I keep getting head aches quite often.
So I keep taking Nimesulide. When I catch cold,
I take either Sinarest or Cetirizine. If they don’t work
I’d use levocetirizine. Oh! With all these medicines, I take
B Complex to be on the safer side. I know about these medicines because there
are a lot of doctors in my family. I am here just for confirmation. Tell me what’s your problem? Since last night, I started to feel
I’ve got cancer. Why do you think so? You see, I got a pimple here
and I have a blood clot over it. And I have a head ache too. I googled all
these symptoms and it says I have cancer. Oh, so you googled it? So, where do you work? I work for Google, doctor. Tell me, ma’am! Where do I start? These days,
I am not at all feeling well, doctor. Every part of my body is aching.
I am not able to sit nor am I able stand. My kids don’t allow me to eat sugar
beacause I have diabetes. And salt too.. That’s because I have blood pressure.
I am not even able to eat properly. Keep your tongue out. You don’t have any problem.
Everything looks normal. BP is normal.
Pulse rate is normal too. You don’t have any problem.
However, I’ll give you a tablet. You have to take it
every night for strength. How can you say
that I don’t have a problem? I know there’s something wrong. Prescribe an operation, a small surgery or
a few medicines, or atleast an injection. You don’t need any operation.
You are completely normal. Am I not eating properly for no reason.
Prescribe something. Go on. These are international medicines.
We’ve imported them only for you. I don’t think this doctor is good enough.
Did you not study anything? He just gave me one medicine.
– Okay, let’s go! And he says it’s a foreign medicine.
– These old people.. From next time, we’ll go to another doctor.
– Please, let’s go. Help me! Doctor! The pharmacist nearby is not getting what
you’ve written. Can you write this again? No, I won’t. Doctors never
write their prescriptions legibly. Go to another pharmacy. ‘Only doctors
can understand these doodles.’ Do you think there are any mistake? Please forgive is if you find any.
We’re all actors by profession, not doctors. So, you can’t expect
us to do everything right. We’ve done this video by taking
inputs from my doctor friends.