There’s nothing
going on in here. Phil, you want
to look in the bar?
Let’s go look in the kitchen. Hello, David. I’m David Wimberley.
Pleased to meet you. Please to meet you too.
I didn’t want to interrupt
your poker game. – No!
– It looked like poker night. Yeah, we have the poker
on Tuesday, Wednesday,
Saturday and Sunday. – You like poker, don’t you?
– Yeah, I play the World Series
every year. I can see, ’cause this
is obviously your choice. ‘Cause it makes no sense
for the business. Considering there was only
30 people in the entire pub and most of them
were poker players,
I’m very happy with that. I think you’re crazy. Let’s go
look at your kitchen. So, you’ve been running
this place for 21 years. Yes, I have. – What is this?
– Tim: A leaking fryer. – Is this one day’s
worth of leaking?
– Yes. – Did you know this?
– Uh, yes. – Look back here.
Look at this stove!
– Is there any food on there? – You have a flame
and you have grease.
– It’s a fire hazard! So you mean to tell me that this is no food
on this stove right now? That this is okay? I don’t know,
I’m not a chef.
I don’t know. This is your life.
This is your ( bleep ) future! This is your
mother’s legacy. Oh, really?
Don’t get me
( bleep ) started. Watch my lips.
I was told this was cleaned
every single day. So you’re an idiot
for believing it.
Do you understand that? – What wrong with it?
– If I was $690,000 in debt and didn’t look,
I would be an idiot. This is an accumulation
of oil and grease – over months and months
and months–
– No, no, no. – Look at the state of this.
– They clean this every
single morning. – That is a pile of ( bleep ).
– It’s cleaned every
single day. What are you,
a ( bleep ) mind reader? Is this your pub? No, it’s not!
So you keep your language
down with me! – I’m the ( bleep ) expert–
– Not a ( bleep ) mind-reader! Don’t ( bleep )
shout at me!