– Hi everybody, welcome back. There’s this great quote out there. I don’t know who said
it first, but it says, “Don’t build your brand on rented land.” And what that means is
there’s this problem lurking out there for content creators, and that is building a following on a platform that you don’t
own or you don’t control. Having an audience where
you can’t contact them, you can’t reach out to them
and connect with them directly without that platform. Many businesses and brands,
and personal brands, creative professionals, content creators, are falling victim to this, and to a certain extent I’m a victim too. And it’s really dangerous,
and let me tell you why. At any time, any platform,
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, can change its algorithm, can change some sort of agreement, can change some sort of working of its platform that’s going to shut you out. A great example is Vine. There are people who built
incredible businesses, six-figure businesses
around Vine, and they built huge audiences, millions
of followers around Vine. And when Vine went belly
up, all of that went poof. As content creators, we have to remember that things can change at any time. There is a real possibility that YouTube will one day change its algorithm, or limit content creators, or
change its subscription model. It’s already changed this
year its monetization model, and that’s affected a lot of people. In 2018, Facebook
changed their algorithms, which started to favor individuals over businesses or brands,
making it harder to connect with people without paid advertising. So when it comes down
to it, if you only have a subscriber list, a
follower list on YouTube, or on any social platform
where they don’t give you the capability to message
your subscribers directly, then any change they make
can really shut you out. So, the real goal has to be
to drive your subscribers, your followers, off of that platform and onto something that you control, some sort of land that you control, whether that’s a website or an email list. Something that you can gather your tribe and communicate with them directly without being held hostage
by a social platform. So how do you make that
external connection? How do you drive people
off of a social platform to where you can interact
with them directly? Well, you do that by
offering opt-in magnets, or lead magnets, that’s something of value that they, your audience, can download after they give you their email address. Things like PDFs and
e-books and checklists. You can offer things like webinars, or exclusive video content,
or exclusive audio content. You can offer them live events, or mastermind groups, or communities. You have to drive people to voluntarily give up their email address so they can interact with you directly. Social platforms are absolutely necessary, don’t get me wrong, YouTube
has really built my business and built a huge tribe for me, many of whom who have joined me offline. Social platforms, though,
can’t be your only connection. It’s rented land, you really want to own the branded land where you’re interacting with your tribe for the most part. Social’s great, but
your priority has to be a strategy and a process
for driving people and converting that audience
onto a platform that you own. So what is your brand’s insurance? Your brand’s insurance is paying attention to building a strong
community, a strong network that’s independent of
any particular platform. So that’s your website, your community, your email list, your mastermind group. You have to make a direct
connection with your tribe, and you have to make it
worth it for them to do that. My newsletter, Brand
Muse, provides content and marketing ideas, and business ideas, and resources, and books, and videos to a select group of people
who have left YouTube, who have clicked on my description and found my Brand Muse
subscription button and link, and joined my newsletter. They’ve joined my email list. And now, they’re part
of an exclusive group that I communicate with
directly, and I provide a much higher level of value to directly. It’s land that I own. And other insurance for
you is to build a community on multiple platforms. You could build a community
on Facebook and Twitter, and Instagram, and
YouTube, but the problem is is that takes a tremendous
amount of effort, and no matter what you do,
you’re never going to have the same sized community
on all those platforms. You’re never going to have
the same kind of interaction and the same kind of relationship on all those different platforms. And really, when it comes down to it, the workload of that,
particularly for consultants or personal brands, or smaller
entrepreneurial enterprises, is just too massive. So you really want to
drive them to a place where you can bring them
in and make them part of a tighter tribe where you have a deeper level of conversation with them. So that’s it, I hope
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