Hi Youtube! My name is Lucho Garram Thanks for clicking on this video! Some months ago I uploaded this video with my 11 reasons not to stay at a hostel apparently some folks got upset by it there was a wide range of comments, from guys that don’t like hostels to people that are super pro-hostels but i figure everyone talks about their own experience So i got the chance to come to New York City this weekend and for the past days Given the short time to plan this trip – 1 day only- everything was booked already there were just a few options to stay at I found this little hotel at Soho it’s called The Bowery House I will show you this place cause I’m giving hostels a second… no, a third opportunity So, the cons are: If a noisy gets arrive, the night can be a bit hard… the second floor is a bit untidy i stayed at the 4th so my perception is that the place is just OK Service at front desk was OK The rate per night was -friendly- I paid like 120usd per night it was OK given the date and lack of planeation (it also had a 40% off) i booked it through booking.com but when arrived, they charged some extra fees not mentioned on the website In order to confirm your reservation, 1st night must be paid upfront and the rest is paid when checking in the “capsules” or “cabines” are quite small but I paid extra for one with a window (to nowhere) Another negative aspect was that toilets were wet during peak hours (7-11am)