(gentle music) – Out of all the moisturizers
I have used in the past, natural oils and butters are my favorites. Therefore, today’s homemade project, I will show you how I
combine all of my favorite oils and butter into body
bars for daily usage. There are two recipes I love. One is green tea body bars with shea, almond, and mango butter. This body bar is filled with anti-oxidant, vitamins and amazing
age-fighting properties. Second recipe is my oats and butter bars, made with cocoa, mango and shea butters. This bar is perfect for those who want to reduce stretch marks,
irritations, or scars. Both bars have natural healing properties which smooths the skin
and keep it radiant. You do not have to use
the exact recipe I’m using if you have any allergic reactions, or just can’t find some of these items. This recipe is easy to customize. You can replace the
natural butters or oils for something you find more suitable. For instance, if you are
allergic to almond oil, you can replace it with
extra virgin olive oil or jojoba oil. I prefer to buy organic
ingredients if I can find it. Most of these items are found online. Store links and information
are listed below. Alrighty, so let’s start
with the green tea body bars. We’re going to need wax. You can either use bees’ wax,
candelilla wax, or soy wax. As long as it’s cosmetic or food grade, it’s safe to use on your skin. I will be using 2.5 oz
or 3/4 cup of soy wax. Set your double boiler or
water pot at medium high. Do not set your stove
hotter than 350 degree. Oils that pass the smoke point will lose all its natural properties. Melt the wax in pyrex or
safe-to-heat container. The wax could take longer to heat, therefore I suggest heating it first before all other ingredients. In another cup, measure
2 oz of mango butter. Mango butter is mostly
used to reduce wrinkles and signs of ageing. It also have natural UV protection, as well as healing the skin from sunburns. It relieves muscle aches and tension. Next, add another 1 oz of almond butter. Did you know almond butter
contains 20 different flavinols, also known as antioxidants? Lastly, you will need 2 oz shea butter. Shea butter has anti-bacterial properties, that can help heal
wounds, at the same time soothes it from irritations. Once your wax is fully melted, add in the butters and mix it well, until everything is in liquid form. Alright, so this part’s optional. After everything’s melted and mixed well, you can add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Coconut oil contains
many of the same benefits as the other oils, however,
I love the smell of it. Lastly, I’m going to add
the green tea matcha, which is strong-ground
green tea leaves from Japan. Matcha contains concentrated amounts of vitamins, minerals,
antioxidant and amino acids, more than the regular green tea leaves. Once everything is mixed and blended, pour it into your mold. Let it sit for over five
hours before unmolding it. Recipe two. You will use the
same measurements and steps. The only changes I will be making are the cocoa butter, oats and jojoba oil. Cocoa butter is widely used for reducing stretch marks and scars. It also has a natural sweet
scent, like chocolate. Jojoba oil is said to be the closest thing to our natural skin oil,
and it can also help balance the sebum production. You will basically repeat all these steps. After pouring the melted
butter into the mold, let it sit for half an hour to one hour. Then sprinkle in the organic oats. Did you know oats are anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory to the skin? Many cosmetic companies use it to heal acne blemishes
and other skin problems. It also makes a great exfoliator. Wait a few hours for the butters to set. Then, enjoy your body bar, in the morning or before bedtime. Thank you so much for watching, and I hope you guys enjoy this video. Until next time, talk to you later.