This is what our one pattern piece looks like,
it is kind of big and a little bit wide. So we need to check the cutting sheet in order
to lay this out on the fabric. To pick your size and determine the right
amount of fabric to get, you will need to take your hip measurement.
To figure out your hip measurement, use a soft measuring tape and measure around the
widest part of your hips. Use that measurement to figure out what size is right for you.
Refer back to the pattern envelope to determine how much fabric you need.
Now, all the instructions that you need are in the Guide Sheet
You have a section that will tell you exactly how to layout your fabric.
I am also going to show you, in miniature form, how to do this.
For the child’s XS, you can fit the pattern piece right on top of the fabric while it
is folded with the edge here and the selvage on one side.
If you are going up to the small and medium sizes, you need to cut 2 of them, but it doesn’t
quite fit. So, what you will do is you will open out
your fabric. When you look at this Guide Sheet, you will
see that it has one section right here that is grey, that means that when you go to cut
your fabric, when you put your pattern piece down, one pattern piece has the print side
up, when you move your pattern to cut your second leg you are turning your pattern piece
up-side down. The adult and the larger for the teen you
are going to be purchasing more fabric which is quite long, quite a long piece of fabric
and if you look at your pattern piece, it is absolutely not going to fit on there so,
there are a couple of things that you need to do.
And as you look back at that Guide Sheet, you will see, this is when that star shows
up and I am going to show you how to fold your fabrics so that you get the cross wise
and then how we can get the pattern to go the right direction so that our legs have
the pattern going properly. Now, what we want to do, is first things first,
I want to turn my fabric so that the right-sides are together and I want to go ahead and put
arrows on my fabric so that I know which direction my print goes and my little ladies stand this
way so I am going to draw some arrows like that and I want to do that on both sides of
my fabric. So just take a moment, and this is just a
piece of tailor’s chalk, you can do this with a pencil, you can do it with (ummm) whatever
you have, if you are using something that is permanent ink make sure it is really out
here on the edges so that you are not going to get that onto your permanent piece.
Now this will be a very long 3 yard or 2 5/8 yard piece of fabric. You will open it up
and then we are going to fold it over and this is called the crosswise.
Our arrows are here, we are going to take our scissors and cut right along this fold
If I were just to take that pattern piece and pop it right on top because it fits, I
could do that, but if I did that, I would have one leg of my pants with the gals upside
down and one leg with the right-side up. So, what I need to do now is get my arrows
and my pattern going in the same direction Now, you might not have a specific pattern
that does this within your fabrics, but you might have a nap to your fabric that is going
to be important to pay attention to So now, I can double check myself, I can look
at my arrows and they are going to the left I am going to flip my little fabric piece
over and my arrows are going to the left again. So now I know I can put my pattern piece on
and go ahead and cut that out. Follow us on facebook, check us out on instagram
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