This video is in Hindi but For English Audience please turn on the closed caption option to see the subtitles So today I will show you how you can make a DIY Rotating Spice Organizer I am using to keep the spices but basically its a multipurpose organizer. You can keep it in Kitchen, you can keep craft supplies , school supplies etc Nothing major you have to spend to make this DIY. Very simple, Quick and easy The first thing you will need is a foam board, you can get easily at dollar store or any other craft store. Now on this foam board make three circles 8 inches, 10 and 12 inches in Diameter. And then cut these circles . Now I have all the three circles This is an adhesive shelf liner. You can get easily at dollar store. You can use any fabric if you dont have it. Now I will wrap all the three circles ( one side ) with this liner. Now from the same foam board I have cut 1.5 inches width of these kind of strips and I will wrap these strips in the same liner. These strips will serve as a border for the circular base. So with the help of tape I will attach these strips Just to make it a bit more beautiful I am putting ribbon. You can completely skip this step Now this is a cake Pan . Under 1 dollar. Take two of these. One attach to the bottom of the biggest circle and in another fill marbles. Now this an empty can which I will decorate with the same liner and glue it on the top of the biggest circle. Now you put the next base ( 8 inch circle) on the top of this can Now the structure of our DIY Rotating Spice Organizer is ready. If you want you can even make it three layer I hope you liked the video. If yes, please subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell.