DOMM Life is a lifestyle. We want to allow patients a common area where they can come and speak with other patients regarding their medicine, regarding the forms that they consume whether it be an edible or a vape or Tincture patch etc The reason that you would come here is multiple. A discretion if you want to come somewhere and get your nails done and order your product. You can’t really do that anywhere else. Everything that we have in this building we invented. This is the first time anywhere. So I think a lot of people are excited about being part of something new and innovative. And we’re a patient first. My wife and I had have traveled extensively around the world we spent quite a few summers in Europe. We lived in Asia for a year. Everywhere we went we kind of took the best of what we saw and put it all under one roof for us. With that, became spa and salon services. Obviously, I think everybody’s happier getting rubbed for the most part certainly with CBD infused bombs and creams. So we just kind of wanted to basically bring what everyone’s always told us what they wanted under one roof altogether. Inside here people don’t judge each other on how they treat their pain. Everybody has one thing in common, and that’s a happier healthier you, which you get here at DOMM Life.