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Cheapest way to visit Disneyland Paris What is the cheapest way to visit Disneyland
Paris? There are different cheaper ways to visit
Disneyland Paris. One of them can be cheapest depending on the number of family members
or people, season, weekdays or weekends and number of days.
1. Cheapest way to visit Disneyland Paris – Book everything yourself If saving money and enjoying at the same time
is your objective, then I recommend that you arrange the travelling, hotel, food and Disneyland
tickets separately. This option is favorable if you have a child under the age of 3. Travelling to Paris: Bus travelling: If you are coming from other
European country then consider the bus services (like idBus, Flixbus, Eurolines) to book the
bus tickets to Paris. Try to book the tickets in advance. If there is a promo going on then
you can book very cheap. However, buses are slower than trains.
Tip: Buses will take you to at-least three different stops to Paris. To read more about
bus stations in and around Paris, click here. Train travelling: If you can get some kind
of discount on trains then book a train ticket. While booking a train ticket, search if it
is cheaper to reach Paris and then go to Disneyland using RER A4 (RER Red line) or to book the
direct ticket to Disneyland. Car travelling: If you are driving yourself
then try to find the free car parking areas and hotels around Disneyland. Stay:
If your main purpose of visiting is to see Disneyland then try to book a budget hotel
along the path of RER A4. Hotels in and near Disneyland are expensive (try to book them
in a deal to get the cheaper rates : Click here). Find a budget hotel along the RER A4
route. 10 to 15 minutes travelling by train will not matter. As if you stay near Disneyland,
you may have to take a shuttle, bus or train. You should calculate if saving 5 or 10 minutes
per side is better than saving 50 to 100 Euros. Premiere Classe and Ibis budget hotels tend
to be the cheapest options for 3 people. Book Premiere Classe with the promo code (p…)
to save 5 to 10 Euro / night on flexible rates. Wait for the Ibis promo offer of savings up
to 40% before booking with the ibis hotel chain.
Tip: Try to book with the flexible rates so you can change or cancel the booking for free
if your plans change. Read the article, where not to stay while
visiting Paris and Disneyland Paris. Food:
Always search for a supermarket, shop or a cheap restaurant on Internet near the hotel.
You can save money on buying the breakfast and, drinks from the supermarket. Take something
to eat and drink to the Disneyland because restaurants tend to be costlier in the area.
Even if you have money and plan to eat in the Disneyland then take something to drink
as you will be in the park for hours. Read more… Disneyland tickets:
Search on the Disneyland website for the cheaper tickets. If your children are under 3 then
they will be entering in the Disneyland for free. Read more about buying cheap Disneyland
tickets by clicking here. Downside: The downside of this option is that
you have to do a fair amount of planning and spend time on bookings. You will have to manage
a lot of things yourself but you will be free to do whatever you want and spend within limits.
2. Cheapest way to visit Disneyland Paris – Bus tours If you are in or visiting another European
country then a 3 or 4 day bus tour with hotel stay, 1 day entry to one of the Disney parks
can be the cheapest option. Opt this option, if you are a group of friends or a family
with older children. In any case you should be at-least 2 persons to avail the bookings
at the cheaper rates. The hotel stay usually includes the breakfast. The bus will take
you to the Disneyland and to Paris. So you will be saving on the local train and bus
tickets. Downside: The downsides of this options are
many. The buses usually pick up at late night or early in the morning from your originating
country / city. Your are bound to the schedule of the bus in Paris and Disneyland. Usually,
these tours arrange hotel away from Disneyland and Paris. At nights, you don’t have much
to do. This option usually have 1 day 1 park entry to the Disneyland. You have to pay commission
to book these kind of tours usually about 20 to 30 Euro per booking. The cheaper booking
options are available in low seasons or on weekends. But then in the low seasons, you
will not have to wait long in queues to take rides. Tip: Find out the rating of the hotel being
offered on booking.com or tripadvisor.com. Any hotel with the rating below 6 may make
your visit difficult. 3. Cheapest way to visit Disneyland Paris
– Own transportation If you decide to come to Disneyland on your
car then you have three options. One is to book all the things yourself as
mentioned above. Search for those hotels which offer free or cheap parking. As parking fee
may be up to 20 Euro / night at different hotels. The upside of the option with a car
is that you can book any hotel in the close proximity of Disneyland Paris.
The other option is to book a package from the third party which offers the hotel stay
and one day entrance to one of the park as mention in Bus tours section. Search for the
free parking in the hotel and near Disneyland. Third option is to book Disneyland hotels
with deals and promotions from the Disneyland website. Read more about it by clicking here. Downside: Downside is that you may have to
pay for the parking at hotel, in Disneyland and other places. You will have to manage
most of the things and drive. 4. Cheapest way to visit Disneyland Paris
– Train arrangements If you want to save the travelling time from
your point of origin in Europe to the Disneyland Paris then you can get the train tickets.
Train tickets are not the cheapest option but they will save you some important hours.
For example, a Thalys train from Amsterdam to Gare du Noord Paris will take you there
in 3 hours and 10 minutes, while the bus will take 7 and half hours. You can utilize those
4 to 6 hours on the day of arrival and departure to explore Paris and Disney Village.
You can visit Thalys, Eurostar or SNCF website to book your train tickets.
Tip: Please note that you will have to take the local train RER A to reach Disneyland
or places nearby. Gare du Noord is a very big and busy station.
It can be intimidating on arrival. You have to beware of pickpockets, signature scammers,
pedestrian vendors and other scams. To know more about these and other scams at public
places in Paris, click here. 5. Cheapest way to visit Disneyland Paris
– Air arrangements If you are coming to Disneyland Paris from
outside the Europe then your travel will involve the air tickets. You may be able to find a
Paris trip including Disneyland from the following websites.
1. Ebookers.com Remember that the full arrangements are sometimes
cheaper and less hectic than the arrangements you do yourself. This is more true in the
low seasons. If you have an option then visit the Disneyland Paris in low seasons. For more,
read the best times to visit Disneyland Paris.