– Hello, and welcome
to “Junk Drawer Magic.” – Where we teach you
how to get revenge using magic out of things you
can find in your junk drawer. – Um, Walker? What’s going on? – Mr. Blinkerstein, my
driver’s ed teacher, totally embarrassed me. So I’m going to
totally embarrass him. – What’d he do? – I was in driver’s ed,
and I got in the car and he said, “Check
your mirrors,” so I did. Then he said,
“Check your shirt.” But when I looked down, he flicked my nose up
and said, “Too slow.” (laughs) – That’s it? – It was totally embarrassing. The whole class laughed. So now I have a
thirst for revenge. – Okay, what are we
doing to get him back? – Well, he’s always
eating candy bars that he gets from his
glove compartment. But he doesn’t know how
much sugar is in them, which is why I have
this sugar meter, which will show how much
sugar is in a candy bar. See? But, when we goes to
open the candy bar… (gasps) Too slow, Blinkerstein! – Whoa! Mr. Blinkerstein is in for
some serious humiliation. – Yep. And we’ll show you how to
do this trick right now. Let’s go to the junk drawer. For this trick, you’ll need
one sheet of black card stock, scissors, a transparency
sheet, an X-Acto knife, sugar, a clear container, a silver
Sharpie, tape, electrical tape, double-sided tape, a
piece of paper, a pencil, a cutting board,
and a candy bar. First, we’re gonna make
the sugar meter tube. Wrap your card stock
around your candy bar. It should fit snugly,
but not too tight. Then cut the card
stock down to size. Make a mark with a
pencil and then cut. Then tape it closed
with electrical tape. After that, cut down
the card stock tube so it’s a bit longer
than the candy bar. Next, trace a rectangle on the
back with a pencil like this. This will be your sugar gauge. Use the X-Acto to carefully
cut the rectangle out. You can use scissors
if it’s easier. Now grab your
transparency sheet. Cut a rectangle out of it. It should be just a little
larger than your window. Place the sheet
inside your tube. Now you’re gonna secure the
ends with electrical tape. Now use a silver Sharpie to
draw the percentage meter on the window. Finally, write Sugar Meter
on the front of the tube. Now you’re going to
build a fake candy bar. First, open your candy
bar really gently. We don’t want to
damage the wrapper. Slowly pull out your candy bar. Now place your candy bar
on the black card stock. Measure the candy bar
on the black card stock. Secure the end with
electrical tape. Now we’re gonna make a window
for our fake candy bar. Place your black card stock
on the transparency sheet. Trace it and cut that out. Next, you’ll tape it to the
top of the fake candy bar. Now carefully cut out the
rectangle from the wrapper. Cut this rectangle
just a little smaller than the fake candy bar. Now slide your fake candy
bar into the wrapper. The window of the fake candy bar should line up with the opening
of the back of the wrapper. Now we’re gonna make a funnel
to help pour the sugar in. Grab your piece of paper
and roll it up like this. Then, secure it with tape. Now put the end of the
funnel inside your candy bar and pour your sugar in. You’ll notice your two
transparent windows line up. Now, pinch the end of
the candy bar closed. This will stay open, and you’ll hold it
closed during the trick. And that’s all the
prep; now for the trick. Start the trick by
grabbing your candy bar, making sure to
pinch the open side and tilting it away
from the open side. Then, place it inside your tube, making sure your two
transparency windows line up. Now twist your tube,
showing there’s no candy, but just sugar. Then, just pour it all out. And that’s the trick. – Nice. I’ll give it a shot. (intense music) – Thanks for watching
“Junk Drawer Magic.” – Hey, Walker. It’s Mr. Blinkerstein. Your ready for
your driver’s exam? – Uh, sure. Just one thing. How would you like
a chocolate bar? – Thank you. I love chocolate bars. – I know. Just a thing. I’ll just put the chocolate
bar in my sugar meter and then turn it all into sugar. Ha, too slow, Mr. Blinkerstein! You must be so embarrassed. – Wow, that is a
fantastic trick, Walker. – Uh, thanks. – I’d pump the brakes though. I think you got some
chocolate on your shirt, probably while you were
making that fantastic trick. – Oh, really? – Ha, I’m just joshing with you. See you downstairs
for your exam. – No!