Oh bugs Oh a syringe this is so dangerous and you don’t want to know what I found lurking behind this bed oh so where did we find all this nasty stuff at hotels charging hundreds of dollars for this year’s Super Bowl right here in Minneapolis I first went to this Days Inn which typically charges $90 a night the rate for the Super Bowl so eight nine hundred dollars a night Wow that’s three times the cost for a standard room at the Trump International Hotel in Washington for that price these rooms better be perfect and they look pretty clean at first oh what’s going on down here but look at this disgusting trash under the refrigerator and the toilet has a hand towel stuffed in it oh good luck flushing that toilet and yep that’s a big pile of cigarette ashes in a non-smoking room next I checked out this super 8 motel which is charging 550 dollars for the Super Bowl weekend stinks even before I began my inspection I could tell this place was gross look at these cigarette burns on the blanket mold from what I saw I doubt they’ve ever cleaned under or behind the beds so we pulled the mattress back oh it’s like it’s a lubricant oh it was time to show the manager what we found you guys are renting these rooms for hundreds of dollars for the Super Bowl and they’re filthy but of all the hotels I’ve investigated over the years this one is the worst welcome to the Metro in motel where there are four hundred and fifty dollar super bowl rate could get you a room with this guy as a roommate rose and if you think these hairs in the better gross just wait oh is this blood this could be a crime scene not only is this room unclean it’s also unsafe no smoke alarm check out the door to my room this is so dangerous I can’t even close my door much less lock it and look at this oh my god that is a syringe just out in the open on the floor there’s no way that housekeeping could have missed this I tried to show the owner what we found we wanted to point out some big problems sir there are some big problems here but he didn’t want to talk sir your rooms are not only dirty they’re dangerous this is the most disgusting and dangerous hotel I’ve ever seen you’re charging 450 dollars for the Super Bowl you shouldn’t be charging 40 dollars for the Super Bowl aah look at it it’s alive the metro and motel said what we found was unacceptable and the three rooms we rented have all been taken out of commission for deep cleaning the Wyndham Hotel Group which owned super 8 and Days Inn said the locations we visited are franchises and they say what we found doesn’t reflect their brand they’ve reached out to the owners to address the problems [Music] you [Music]