My name is Chas Bruns. I’m just a goofy guy, who loves to travel. And just like you, I wanna see as much of the world as I can. The only difference is that I happen to be a filmmaker. And I bring my camera pretty much everywhere. Which means you’re gonna get to find out some of the best places in the world to eat… Some of the best people in the world to meet… And where to go to have a damn good time. And the best part is… I’m gonna show you how to do it all… “DIRT CHEAP!” Good old Maine. Land of lobster and trees. Lots of trees. But you know what? If it’s summertime, there’s no where else I’d rather be than Bar Harbor, Maine. And whether you’re flying or driving, you’re probably gonna have to go through Bangor. I suggest renting a car at Darlings. We’re here at Darlings Ford in Bangor, Maine getting a rental for $43.95. Lets go to Bar Harbor. Yee-Haw! I actually grew up in Bangor. It’s about an hour and fifteen minutes from Bar Harbor. But I’m in no rush and I already promised my Dad I’d come say hi on my way through town. He’s hanging out at his camp at Phillips Lake and he’s about to cook up some Maine lobsters. This is my salty old dad, Ric Bruns. And he’s gonna show us how to cook a real Maine lobster. Well, lets start with the beer first. Let me make sure it’s okay. Perfect. My favorite beer to put in there is called Geaghan’s Brothers Brewery. And I like their Smiling Irish Bastard beer to go in there cause the hops and everything… brings out a little flavor in the lobster that’s unique. You ready to put a lobster in the pot? Lets do it. Make sure it’s just lobster in the pot. So see these bands that they put on the lobster? They have very powerful pinchers. So only the brave should do this. I’ve dealt with lobsters all my life, so it’s no big deal for me to take these off. I don’t like to boil the rubber with my lobsters. And the water is coming to a boil, so we’ll do that, just like that. So it should be done in 20 minutes. The lobster will turn red. With corn, is the traditional Maine lobster feed. It goes in together, usually with some seaweed. The seaweed flavor is very good. And I recommend that, as well as a beer. We just didn’t have any seaweed today. I recommend real butter. It’s just, again, the flavors are spectacular. You might as well have the real thing. And it’s not that bad for you in small amounts. It’s good. But I like to put balsamic vinegar in. My son and I both enjoy real good balsamic vinegars. It’s whatever you like for flavoring. But the fresh lobster meat, sweet and tender, almost melts in your mouth. Market price that day was $5.95 a pound. It’s good! I don’t know if it’s that I love lobster, or I just love melted butter. So my Dads camp is in Dedham. It’s about a 1/4 of the way from Bangor to Bar Harbor. But there’s not a whole heck of a lot to do there. So we’re gonna head to Trenton. Home of the Wild Acadia Fun Park and Waterslides. They’ve got rock climbing, trampolines… a ropes course, go-carts… an arcade and mini-golf. But I’m not here to play put put. I’m here for the waterslides. We’re at the Wild Acadia Fun Park. I’m gonna go down the waterslides. $15 gets you all day access to the pool and the waterslides. They’ve got a snack bar, if you want to get some ice cream. It’s not a bad pit stop on the way to Bar Harbor. I’m gonna do a waterslide. And if $15 is too rich for your blood, you can always pay $10 to go after 4 PM. That’s what I did and it was worth it. Wild Acadia Fun Park is in Trenton. It’s about 15 minutes outside Bar Harbor. And it’s getting late in the day, so we’re going to go check into our first hotel. Once you cross into the island, Hinckleys Dreamwood Cottages are about 5 minutes down the road. We booked a private cottage for $49. It even came with a kitchen. And a sweet screened in front porch. But if you’re looking for luxury, they have that too. This cabin ranges from $89 to $139, depending on the time of year. And it comes with a couch in case you want to share it with some friends. And if you are traveling in a group, this cabin has two beds and a couch. It ranges from $129 to $169. Now that we’re all checked in, I’m getting hungry. Time to go crab hunting. This beach is two minutes down the road from out cabin. And I brought the #1 hunting dog in the world with me. So hopefully she can help me find a crab. So this little cutie pie here…her name is Lucy. And not only is she the best dog to ever walk the face of the earth, but she’s a professional crab hunter. So Lucy and I are gonna go find some crabs. You ready? Wanna go do some crab hunting? Yeah? Yeah? Find me a crab. Find me a crab. Come on! We never did find any crabs, but luckily for us, Bar Harbor is full of restaurants. And I heard you can get a 16 ounce beer for $3 over at Blaze. So I went to investigate. Yep, the stories are true. $3 beers. But most people come here for the food. It’s not super cheap, but it’s done well. Top it off with a little garnish. Um Hmmm. They’re best known for their wood-fired pizza. and their friendly wait staff. This is really good. But if you’re pinching your pennies, you can always do like me and just get a side of fries. So I know some of you might be thinking that spending $7 on some french fries is a little pricey, but these are duck fat french fries. Duck is one of my favorite meats on the planet. And truffle aioli is one of my favorite things to dip duck fat fries into. And here they have both. You really can’t go wrong. Margarita anyone? Or whatever this is? Looks good. You know what? Cheers! Cheers! Life is good. Memorial Day weekend. Next up is Bar Harbor Beer Works and the One Off Pub. They’re both in the same building and right off Main Street. And I’m coming here for one reason: the scorned woman shot. I have no idea what’s in it, but I know it’s spicy as hell. And they’re world famous for it. As you probably noticed with the fries, everything in Bar Harbor is a little bit pricey. Bar Harbor is known for being one of the most expensive places in the state of Maine. But it’s worth it. This guy thinks so. But I won’t let that stop me. I’m still gonna try to find the cheapest things in town. $5 for a specialty shot is sounding pretty good. Here comes some acid reflux. Yee-Haw! That is some spicy shit. Dance the pain away. Dance the pain away. Wait, what’s that I hear? Th owner wants to buy me another shot? I guess I can always make room in my belly. You know, when in Rome. How many is that now? Meh, whose counting? If you like to party, come check out Bar Harbor Beer Works and the One Off Pub. They’ll treat you right. Now lets switch from the map of Maine to the map of Bar Harbor. We’re heading to Jordan Pond House. After a night like last night, I need a good breakfast. What do you think Lucy? Do you like it? And obviously driving is ideal, but if you want to save money, there’s a free bus system called the Island Explorer. It goes pretty much everywhere, but double check the schedule because it changes based on time of year. We took it to Jordan Pond House. They’re famous for their pop overs and that’s exactly what I’m gonna get. So this is what Jordan Pond House is famous for. The pop overs. And it’s fresh raspberry jam, I believe, and butter. You can eat it however you want. I’ve seen some people eat it with vanilla ice cream. There’s really no wrong way, but they’re pretty damn good. Jordon Pond House pop over. Just the way I remember them as a kid. And Jordan Pond House is dog friendly, so feel free to bring the pooch. This is pretty much the view from your table. But you’re gonna wanna take a walk down to the water. Tons of fish and beautiful flowers. I found a nice spot to chill down by the water. Lucy found herself a stick. Lucy approves. You like it out here? Yeah, she likes it out here. It’s beautiful weather. Couldn’t ask for a better day. So here we are on the outskirts of downtown Bar Harbor. And we’re headed to the visitors center to buy the Park Pass. It’s $50. But that gives you access to all of Acadia. You can go hiking, biking, go to the top of Cadillac Mountain. You can swim at Sand Beach. It also lasts for the full year, which is really great. You can come and go if you want to come back. So part of the Park Pass that we just bought allows us to come to the top of Cadillac Mountian. And there’s a couple ways to get up here. The preferred method is hiking. If you’re lazy like me, you can drive. As you can tell, the views are beautiful. A million+ people come to hike Cadillac every summer. So if there’s one thing you’re gonna do in Bar Harbor, I might suggest coming up here. I stumbled upon a hippy doing yoga. My name is Josh Couturier. I came out here to do yoga. Follow me right here. And it’s [email protected] beautiful out. I’ve never personally done yoga, but people who do say it’s awesome. I’m loving it. Maybe I’ll give it a try. But not today. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m in the mood to do some swimming. Some swimming in the ocean. So the Park Pass that we just bought gets us into Sand Beach. A lot of locals used to sneak in from a parking lot on the other side of the park, but the Rangers have become privy to it and they’re starting to ticket anyone without a Park Pass. But I wanted to mention if you’re only in Bar Harbor for a few days, and you’re taking the free shuttles, instead of driving you can buy a 7 day pedestrian pass for $12. Hi! Go swimming or boogie boarding. No sharks, as far as I’ve ever heard of, have ever been seen here. So it’s a safe, fun place, to swim. And it’s an all around great time. Wanna know a little bit of Sand Beach trivia? Charlize Theron filmed a scene here from Cider House Rules. I love coming to Sand Beach because it’s one of the only places I can go hiking. And chill out and have a picnic on the beach. My friend Kendra and I decided to mess around with my waterproof camera for a little while and then I left her to go hiking of Bee Hive. So we just left Sand Beach and we’re literally going across the street to hike up Bee Hive. Shouldn’t take us very long. We’ll get up to the summit and we’ll take a look around. I’ll show you the views. Should be a good time. Here’s a view of Sand Beach. But we’re not at the top yet. Hello! Hi! And here’s the view from the summit. The $50 pass is totally worth it because you can hike all around here You can go to Sand Beach. There are a lot of other beaches around. This is my first time hiking this mountain. I’m really excited. It’s really cool. The weather is awesome. As you can see, the view is amazing up here. So we’re wrapping up the end of the day here. It’s almost sunset. We’ve come down to Thunder Hole. It’s only a 2 minute drive from Sand Beach and Bee Hive where we just were. It can be a dangerous place. Somebody dies, almost every year here, by falling in. Do be careful if you come. The waves are a little stronger, depending on what time of year you arrive and obviously whether the tide is in or out. I have no idea what it’s going to be like today. Hopefully it will be huge and crazy. We’ll have to go down and check it out. We didn’t get to hear the thunder sound it’s famous for, but we still had a good time. Tonight, we’re staying at Smugglers Den Campground. It’s gotta sweet view of some mountains. It only cost $25. Comes with coin op laundry and showers. And right about now I could use a hot shower and a warm meal. Time to grab some grub. I think we’re gonna head on up into the Dog & Pony Tavern here. Get a $4 hot dog and fries with a pickle. Fill my belly up. Maybe do some dancing or grab a beer. Lets head on up. It was a little too early for dancing but a few people were there to play darts. But I’m just here for the hot dog. We’ll have to come back later when it’s a little more hopping. After dinner, I took a stroll through downtown to the Balance Rock Inn. If you’re looking to avoid the college party scene in Bar Harbor, this place might be for you. I always come here for the outdoor fire. Lucy likes it too. And the outdoor pool is pretty cool too. Since the last time I was here, they’ve redesigned the bar. Obviously, this is a classy place to stay, but if you want to experience the ambiance, spend $10 on a glass of wine. You won’t be disappointed. When I got back to camp, I built a fire, hung out with Lucy and then called it a night. Starting off the day with breakfast at the Trailhead Cafe. So I’m here at the Trailhead Cafe. Free Wifi. $6 grilled cheese. Pet friendly. Today we’re setting up camp at Hadley’s Point Campground. $26 a night. I’m not much of a biker myself, but if you’re into it, you can rent one here. Bar Harbor Bicycle Shop. $19 I’m Tim Lo and I’m about to go biking. There’s a ton of places to go biking in Bar Harbor. You could spend days doing it and still not hit all the trails. A lot of people like to go on the Carriage Roads. There’s some cool architecture to check out. I personally love biking through the old tunnels. While Tim’s exercising, I’m gonna go get some ice cream at Ben & Bills. Specifically, lobster ice cream. It sounds really weird, but I promise it’s delicious. Our lobster ice cream, we first started making this in 1988. It was the first time we made it and sold it to the public. It’s a huge, huge attraction. Obviously, here at Ben & Bills. As you can see, we have our lobster outside. We call him Baxter. And he is our representative of our lobster ice cream. It is a vanilla based ice cream. We sit the lobster meat in butter for about a good hour. And then we’ll implement it into the ice cream. And here we go. That’s when you get your lobster ice cream. You want a piece? But this is authentic real lobster. People think that’s weird to have lobster and ice cream mixed together. But every time I come to Bar Harbor I get this. It doesn’t taste weird. It’s not like a novelty to try. It’s literally just good, as it is. It really really is good. You get that buttery kick off it. And the lobster…obviously, it’s frozen. So you actually have to leave it in your mouth a little. And then you’ll get the “whack” of lobster. Now if someone is watching this in New York or LA, a pound of lobster if they go to red lobster is gonna cost, you know, $18 to $25. To get this right here…how much does this cost? This will cost you $5.50. Bargain. Dinner and dessert in a dish. There’s a lobster claw right there. For $5.50. Real deal. You can’t go wrong with “lobster anything.” Now I’m gonna do a montage of sweet deliciousness. It was like the movie Charlie and the Chocolate factory in here. Lets go walk off that lobster ice cream at the Sommesville Museum and Gardens. The museum was closed while we were there, but there’s still a lot to see. It’s free to walk around, but if you’ve got some extra cash, please consider donating. Baby birds everywhere. If you’re a photographer, you might want to bring your camera. And the best part about coming here is that is doesn’t cost a penny. Now lets check out some swimming holes. This one is on the North end of Long Pond. And it’s included in your park pass. But it can get crowded here, so I opt to go to the secret swimming hole on the South end. It’s a little bit of a hike, but its’ worth it. So Lucy and I did it. We found the secret swimming hole at Long Pond. And no, I’m not gonna tell you how to get here. I don’t think the locals would be very happy with me. If you’re nice enough and you meet somebody in town that’s willing to show you, it’s worth coming out here. There’s a 20 foot cliff jump, which I’ll do in a second. I haven’t done it since high school days, but hopefully I’ll survive. And if you don’t wanna jump off the cliff you can always walk down the side and wade in. Here goes me jumping off a cliff. Geronimo! Oh! It is definitely cold! Next we headed over to check out the view at Schooner Head. It’s also included in your park pass. It’s beautiful. But be careful where you step, cause there’s a lot of seaweed and it’s a long way down. Lucy really wanted to hunt some birds. But the seagull was like, “bit$h please! I’m twice your size!” So we promptly ran away. Next up was the Bar Harbor Inn. They’ve got some amazing views and even better drinks. I got an ice cold beer for $4.95. Most people come here for the food. But I’m here for the view. It was a pretty awesome sunset that night. Lucy approved. It’s times like this that I’m reminded that Maine really is “The Way Life Should Be” We ended the night at the Fin Back Ale House. I’m here to grab a $3 beer. Every year we come back. Fin Back is the first place we come to. We just absolutely love it here. It’s delicious and cheap. We love the Fin Back Ale House. Time for breakfast at Cafe This Way. And guess what? It’s the 4th of July! Happy 4th of July from Bar Harbor. A little coffee to get me going this morning. They use these 1950’s style paper straws. They’re my favorite. It’s pretty awesome. Breakfast has arrived. Yes, I’m one of those weirdos that puts ketchup all over my food. I know a lot of you are cringing, but I’ve loved ketchup my whole life. For $6 I got scrambled eggs, home fries and toast. For $4 you can do oatmeal, but I wanted something a little bit hardier. Cure my hangover. And this is looking pretty good. After breakfast, Lucy and I set up camp at the Bar Harbor Campground. $34 a night. A few of their sites overlook the ocean. Not too shabby. And they’ve also got a pool. Trying to put the tent together. It’s harder than it looks. These guys make it look easy. We love camping! After a bit of a struggle to set up my tent, I wanted to go for a swim. So Lucy and I headed to the Lake Woods Swimming hole. Even the dogs were cliff jumping. But the cliff side was a little too high for Lucy, so we went over to the sand beach. I guarantee Lucy is the only chihuahua in the state of Maine who knows how to play fetch. Must be that Jack Russel Terrier in her. Happy 4th of July from Bar Harbor. Woo! Lake Wood is included in your park pass. I found a frog prince, but Lucy was having none of his advances. She was so grossed out by that frogs kiss that she tried to wipe his coodies off in the dirt. I’m sure she’ll get over it. Lets go see what’s going on at the parade. I just woke up in the apartment and heard some awesome music. I stepped outside to check it out and it’s just this big free party in the street. You know, it’s just an hour or so of entertainment in the morning. With all the floats processing down and I’m gonna hang around town to check out the fireworks in the evening because Bar Harbor is never boring. Monday morning. 4th of July. We’re here. We’re in downtown Bar Harbor. We’re about to go and check out the craft fair. They’ve got a lobster race and a seafood festival. Live music. All kinds of stuff. Lets go do it. They are cooking up a ton of lobster here. $25 gets you the seafood platter. And since the event is free, I think it’s a fair deal. Alright, I’m getting ready to eat the lobster dinner. $25 for the seafood platter. If you just want the lobster it’s $19. So not a bad deal considering that is what most restaurants charge around here. And you get to be in the whole atmosphere and experience the 4th of July awesomeness. Now that my belly is full, lets get back to the festivities. Lets go bet on the lobster races. I’m feeling lucky. Even if I loose, the money goes to charity. $5 to win! Local kids choose their favorite lobsters from the cooler and then they throw them into the pool. The first to cross the finish line is the winner. I knew I should have bet on that lobster! Damn it! I lost everything on a lobster named Van Halen. While I’m getting over my lost bet, check out all the stuff you can do at this festival. I found a guy making snow cones and he actually had a chicken broth one for Lucy. I’m gonna try the chicken broth on too just to see. Tastes like chicken broth. And ladies, you’re gonna wanna check out the craft fair. This place was huge. I even stumbled upon some medieval warriors battling it out. Lucy got really into it. People are already choosing their seats to watch the fireworks. As you can see, lots of people. Lots of fun. It doesn’t cost me a dime. It’s cheap, easy and fun. Everyone likes it. So if you get a chance, come out this way and celebrate it next year. Happy 4th of July from Bar Harbor. The cheapest fireworks cruise that we could find was Bar Harbor Whale Watch. $30. Just boarded the Bar Harbor Whale Watch. The fireworks cruise is getting ready to leave the bay. Got myself a $6 whiskey ginger. ‘merica baby. And I know a lot of you are thinking, “This isn’t cheap!” But this is Bar Harbor on the 4th of July. Not only do you get to see the fireworks from a boat, But you get a historical tour of the island and you might even see some seals. It’s the 4th of July and I can’t wait to see the fireworks from the bay. This was cute. But then the big boys came out. Watching from the boat was awesome. But in case you’re wondering, this is what it looked like on land. Now that I was buzzed and partially deaf, I figured it was as good a time as any to go to the bars. Happy 4th of July. Life is good. Happy 4th of July [email protected]! Now we’re headed to set up out tent at the Seawall Campground. The site cost $30. After setting up the tent, I got hungry. So we headed over to the southwest food mart. Lucy was looking a little bored, so I decided to spice her day up with some local bacon for $3.83 and some local eggs on sale for $1. Also grabbed a couple tin foil trays to cook it in. After we got some groceries, we headed over to an oceanside picnic area in front of our campground. I gathered up some twigs and made a fire. Once of the many skills I learned at Camp Jordan’s Leaders School as a kid. i’m gonna do the bacon first so we can get a layer of fat on there so the eggs don’t stick to it. You know, sitting and having breakfast on the ocean. Life couldn’t be better. Cookin’ good! Real good. Yeah, bacon. It’s probably one of the worst things on the planet for you but it’s one of the best tasting foods that exists. I love bacon. So if the fire ever starts to die down on you Give it a little oxygen. You can just blow on it. But don’t blow too hard or get your face too close Cause I’ve done that and it can burn your eyebrows right off. There we go. I was gonna go ahead and throw the egg right in with the bacon Kill two birds with one stone. I think it will cook up pretty good. So it looks like my eggs and bacon are finally cooked up. I’m gonna go ahead and leave it right in the tin foil because it will double as a bowl. And I’ll just eat it with my hands because I’m in Maine and I’m a Mainer and that’s what we do. Eggs and bacon for breakfast. Dipping it right in the yoke. It’s damn good. You know, a lot of people say you gotta spend a lot of money in Bar Harbor, but it’s just not true. This is one of my favorite things to do. Want a piece Luce. Here you go. So there’s no showers at the Seawall Campground. But down the street there’s a general store that will let you rinse off. But I’d rather do it the old fashioned way. Let go swimming. The famous Echo Lake beach is included in your park pass. But if you hike a little ways down the lake, you’ll find a lot less people. Lucy and I found a pretty cool spot. And no matter where you go in Echo Lake, there’s always rocks to jump off so you can’t really choose a bad place to swim. We love swimming at Echo Lake. My favorite thing in Bar Harbor is to go to the beach. My favorite thing in Bar Harbor is to eat ice cream. I’m with her. Lets go to 123 Main Street in North East Harbor. It’s a little more expensive than the lobster ice cream, but it’s huge. and delicious. It’s worth every bite. And I just think it’s cool in here. If a $6 sundae is out of your price range, have no fear. Pine Tree Market is here. Home of the $3 lobster roll. So Lucy and I finally did it. We found the cheapest lobster roll in the Bar Harbor area. $2.99 Believe it or not, the lobster comes fresh daily from little Cranberry Island. The owner says he’s willing to loose some money on it because it gets people through the door. This is actually a ton of meat for a $2.99 lobster roll. Guess what? Crab rolls are a $1.99 Lucy was jealous. After lunch we went to Seal Harbor. That’s where the Rockefellers and Martha Stewart spend their summers. It’s included in your park pass. My 85 year old Grandmother used to spend her summers here waiting tables. Back in 1949, she worked at the historic Seaside Inn. Sadly, it was torn down in 1963. My twin sister and I went to Seal Harbor. At the Seaside Inn. At Seal Harbor. And waited on tables with the Rockefellers. The Rockefellers were great to wait on Tipped very well. All the people that worked with me were so excited that they were visiting. My favorite things were to go hiking. They were wonderful years. Carefree and gay. Isn’t she the sweetest? Most people come to Seal Harbor to Kayak. For $48 you can go out with the National Park Sea Kayak Tour. Or if you have your own, feel free to go anywhere your park pass allows. I filmed my Dad as he paddled around in his kayak. It’s a beautiful day for Kayaking. He’s known in our family for his one-liners and words of wisdom. Here’s just a few of them. You know, you’ve got to go out and find the “WOW” now. You gotta realize what’s important in life. Prioritize Cause we’re on a spinning rock, in the middle of a void, with nothing remotely like us, for light years in any direction. Be nice to everyone. Find the good things in life. And take a deep breath and enjoy it. I am the greatest man of Tumatra! Well, now you know where I get it from. Lets head back into town so I can show you one of my favorite stores. The Rock & Art Shop. If you’re into weird, crazy, kooky, bizarre ass stuff this place if for you. I love weird sh$t. Taxidermy bat, anyone? Or maybe a bird is more your style. They’ve got that too. But don’t feel bad for the baby ducklings. They were bad. They smoked a lot of “quack.” I totally stole that joke from the owner, but it’s a good one. There’s a lot of weird stuff in here. The owners scour the earth trying to find stuff that they think is cool. I’m a big fan of their work. I could spend all day in here. This place really deserves its own episode. My camera just doesn’t do it justice. There’s some amazing stuff in here. It looks like it’s time for another montage. Besides this being my favorite store in Bar Harbor, I wanted to take you guys here cause some of this stuff is dirt cheap. And remember, no matter what you buy here, just don’t taste the poisonous rocks. They really will kill you. Just down the street is the historic Criterion Theatre. After being released from prison for bootlegging, Founder George McKay decided to go legit and open this bad ass theatre back in 1935. They’re showing the movie Alien for the Acadia Night Sky Festival for $6. After the theatre I came across a dog wearing a polkadot dress and a dude spinning fire. Which inspired me to go back to my campsite and make a fire of my own. Had enough bacon and eggs leftover from this morning to make myself a second meal. Put it right in the bacon fat. Ohhhhhh! Grease fire! After dinner I had a beer and then hit the sack. The tents all set up at Smugglers Den. $25 Had to come back. Not only do they have a pool but their general store sells lobster. My kind of camping. For breakfast, we’re heading to the famous Jordans Restaurant. So we’re here at Jordan’s It’s a staple in downtown BarHarbor for a place to get anything you can imagine for comfort food. They’ve got blueberry pancakes, eggs, bacon, hash browns, sausage… Here’s the owner David. He’s been here for 39 years. He’s cooking still on the line. He’s the man. This place is wicked busy. And David has a system to make it all flow. He has a wait staff yell their orders at him. Order to go please. An egg white, bacon, cheddar, and a bagel. Which doesn’t seem bad, until the rush hits. An order of blues. A single chocolate chip. A single french toast. A cheese omelette. Order of scrambled. Two sides of bacon and a home fry. And I’m ordering please… A single chocolate. A strawberry waffle. Mumbled chaos… Wow. That was annoying. I don’t know how he does it. Must have the memory of an elephant. He got our order out in under 15 minutes. Hot and no mistakes. Yum. Add a little Maine Maple Syrup. I wish I had time to try it all. Two wild Maine blueberry pancakes for $8. Now it’s time for some Maine facts. The population is 1.33 million. It’s covered in roughly 90% trees. And we caught 121.1 million pounds of lobster last year. That’s roughly $495,400,000. My friend Ron offered to take us out on his boat to show us how it’s done. Gonna catch us some lobsters. This actually isn’t a traditional lobster boat. It’s made more for deep sea fishing. Ron has his license to catch lobster too. I have a commercial license, but I don’t do it for a living. I do it as a hobby. So I can fish 800 traps. 600 now. They changed the law. But I only fish 20 cause I only want lobster for family and friends out in front of the house. So that’s a big male. Those two things right there…long and hard male. Soft and short…female. That’s probably a 3 pound lobster. So that’s a nice lobster. That’s a keeper. For sure. Between here and here. Between the back of the eye socket and the back of the shell. It can not be shorter than from there to there. So that one is a keeper. On the other hand, you can keep a lobster in Maine that is larger than there to there. Back of the eye socket to the back of the shell. So you can see what size… How much bigger that lobster could be. So this is a stone crab or rock crab. They’re wonderful. These are sweeter than lobster meat. This one is fairly small, so we’re not gonna keep him. But rock, or stone crab, take about 16 or 18 of these to pick to get a pound of crab meat. That’s why crab meat is expensive. But this is really sweet meat in these crabs. We’ll get a few crabs today to keep. But we’ll throw him back. Herring is the best lobster bait there is. But there is a shortage of herring this year. It’s gone up in price dramatically. So I’ve picked up some pogies. So pogies are good bait as well. So what you do is pack that bait bag tight. That bait bag goes on here. And what happens is lobsters swim backwards. So lobsters smell the bait and come into the kitchen. They eat some of the bait. Some of the lobster get out. This is a 4 foot trap, so it’s got a living room and a den. The lobsters try to find their way out. Some do. Some will get caught in the living room. And if they get caught in there, they’ll move in here to try to get out of the den. Once you get them in here, you got them. This vent is 1 and 15/16th. So if a lobster gets in here, it’s got a way to get out. So that’s the legal size of the vent that you have to have. You pull these traps about every 3 to 4 days. And the guys that do it for a living pull between 200 and 250 traps per day. A lot of star fish down there. Yeah, it’s pretty prime season right now, so this is good. I’m releasing it back to the wild. This is a 12 inch hydraulic hauler. A lot of guys loose fingers on these. So that claw is broken off cause that guy bit his claw off. The lobsters are cannibalistic. So they will eat each other. So this is an egger. See the eggs. Oh yeah. Thousands of eggs on these things. And this is a female. She was notched. See that notch right there? So someone else caught that lobster and notched it. So it’s an egg-baring female. These are good to eat. So that’s just caviar. And it’s sweet. It’s salty, but it’s sweet. It doesn’t get fresher than that. Nope. It’s fairly fresh. But I’m gonna re-notch it because as they grow this notch obviously grows in. And you just cut a “V” into that notch. You get these every once in a while. It’s a snail. But it’s got a crab that lives in it. So it’s a hermit crab. If you set that crab down. Sooner or later that crab will come out and start walking with the shell. So wait a couple of minutes. Sea cucumber. It smells like a sea cucumber. It’s like a fresh water hornpout. Only in salt water they call it a sculpin. This is a Jonah Crab. They’re good eating. Not quite as sweet as the rock or stone crab. What you used to do is you’d catch one you’d break one of the big claws off and throw it back and the claws will regenerate. But now they’ve instituted a new law, so you can’t do that. But they’re good eating. My friend Mary Anne showed us how to put the rubber bands on their claws. And it’s harder than you’d think. I did it. I got him. He’s not happy. Not happy. After we finished pulling all the traps, we just cruised around the islands. Rons wife, Rose, steered and Tim’s mom, Lillian, was her co-pilot. I climbed all the sketchy places I could. Trying to get good shots. You know, for you guys. when we got back to the dock, Ron counted up the haul. We got about 80 lobsters. Although there are some companies that offer some packages where you can pay to go out with a lobsterman for the day, they’re kind of pricy. I suggest going down to the docks yourself and offering one of the lobsterman $20 to take you out for the day. Better yet, offer to help them for free. It’s hard work, but it’s a great time. The weather changes quick in Bar Harbor and we’ve been told a storm is a brewing. Going on the Bar Harbor Whale Watch. Screw the rain. I wanna see some whales. Look at this. It’s insane. The whales are out there. So it’s actually pretty cold today in Bar Harbor. So I’m wearing my jacket. I’m gonna get myself a $4.25 beer to warm my belly up. Wish me luck. We could go into a storm today. There’s a sweet lounge to chill in as we went out to sea. I’ve got the whole damn place to myself. I’m captain of this ship. Although I was by myself, I did run into my yoga friend from Cadillac Mountain. It’s raining, but I love it. I’m on the Titanic. So this is a piece of baleen from a humpback whale. Plankton comes through and gets filtered on these little hairs. That’s how they eat. Yum. It smells like plankton. There was just a whale out there. It just sprayed. It was crazy. Bar Harbor Whale Watch is the cheapest in town. We got to see loons, puffins, seagulls, seals, sea lions, belugas, and fin back whales for $59. Remember how I said 90% of Maine was covered in trees? Lets go cut some down. So here we are at The Great Maine Lumberjack Show with Timbertina. And she’s gonna tell us how she got into this business of “lumber-jilling” in the middle of the Maine woods. And a little bit about herself. So tell us, how the hell did you do this? Just started out as a sport we were doing as little kids. Well it’s got to be kind of an ancient dying art, right? There aren’t that many people who know how to do this stuff, right? No and that’s why I picked Maine to start my show because this is the birthplace of logging in America. Paul Bunyan was born here. That’s right. Babe the blue ox. They came here years ago looking for tall ship masts by the Queens Navy in England because the big white pines that grew here and are still growing here. So it was only natural. SoI got this land outside of Bar Harbor and here we are. It’s only $13 for adults. $8 for kids. And under 4 is free. We’re the most reasonably priced entertainment or activity you can do in the Bar Harbor area. But during the day, we run lessons out here. Like you’re gonna show me today, right? Yes, so we do lessons… The viewers can come do this if you want to. She’ll show you how to throw an ax. You can be a lumberjack. Log rolling. All kinds of stuff. That’s awesome. You said that was $10 per person for a group of 6, right? $10 a person for a group of 6. You can’t beat that. And you tell me where else in the world you’re gonna learn log rolling walking off the street. I mean where can you go to learn log rolling? Is there even another place? I don’t think so. But I really like to share my sport with people. You think I’m gonna be able to do this first try? Well, some people have beginners luck. Others take a little bit longer. You ready to go try? I’m ready to try. Lets see what happens. Let’s give it a try. Lets do it. That went a little low, but I think it might have hit if it hadn’t been so low. You gotta put a little more “umph”. Of course. Of course. Haha. A little more aggression here. Yeah, you wanna get it in there. Alright. Ready? Aim for the center. Third time’s the charm. Here we go. This is it. Aiming high this time. Hoooooo! Yay! What I tell ya? Wooo! Third times the charm. Must be my viking ancestry. Or just dumb luck. You just want to go back and forth. And in competition… you wanna breath. And use the full length of the saw. Don’t lift up at all. That’s it! Wooo! You’re gonna get on the log on that side of the carpet. Little itty bitty steps like that. She claims this is a beginners log, an easy log. We’ll see how easy this is. It is! It does not make the water warmer though. Here we go. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. At least I got 3 seconds in. 3 seconds. 2.5 It’s easy. Falling off the log. Pitter patter. Pitter Patter. Up and down. Look down here. Look down here. Okay, there we go. Oh yeah! Ohhhhhh! See! That’s not s bad! You landed upright though. I landed on my feet this time. Look at this! Ohh. Pitter Patter. Pitter Patter. Pitter Patter. When I got back to camp I played with some sparklers, ate some leftover eggs and bacon and called it a night. Today is my last day in Bar Harbor. And I’ve never seen it from the sky. So I’m going out with Scenic Flights of Acadia for an aerial view of downtown Bar Harbor. Thanks for watching. If you liked the show, please hit ‘like’, subscribe and comment below. I’ll catch you next time on Dirt Cheap with Chas Bruns.