– Aw Man! I don’t know where this
ghost chaser convention is. We’re lost. – Are we there yet? – No, we’re nowhere close. It’s getting late too. Wait, I see a town up ahead. Think we better stop here in this town and see if we can find a
hotel and get a room okay? – Okay. (fun pop music) – All right. Come on ghost chaser LB. (Screams) [Aaron] Look at this spider man! Think they need an exterminator here. – [LB] Yeah. – Okay, says there’s a vacancy. – [Aaron] Haunted Hotel,
I don’t know if that’s a very good sign. Let’s go on in okay? – [LB] Kay. – This hotel should work okay. – Okay. – Let’s see if anybody’s
here to check us in okay? (rings bell) – Oh, somebody there. Yes we’d like to see about
getting a room for the night. – Just fill out this form and sign here. (cauldron bubbling) (whispering) It’s kinda
weird, I’m not sure, rough smell too. Okay, what time is check out? – Check-outs any time you’d like. But you can never leave. – Okay that’s rather
inviting there, isn’t it? Okay well we’re just gonna
head on up to our room, okay? – [LB] Okay. – -Yeah let’s go. – Oh! And if either of y’all
are to get locked into a room, the clue will be on your bed stand. – The clue, the clue, okay. That’s good to know. Thank you for that one. Okay let’s go Ghost Chaser LB. – You’re welcome to a complimentary drink and snack in the tavern. Okay, yeah right over there, okay. We’ll check it out, thank you. I don’t know if we should
eat anything in here. It’s kinda scary here. But I’m hungry, let’s
go see what they have. Okay, let’s go. Okay, I’ll get in, I’ll get in. No, no, no, you get in. – Fine. – No, no, I’ll get in. Cadaver Tavern sound
like a good place to eat. Hey look at that drink! And cupcakes. – Yeah. – Wait, oooh, I don’t know. You know there’s like
spiders on there dude. Let’s go on up to our room okay? – Okay. – Come on. (eerie music) Come on Ghost Chaser LB. Man Ghost Chaser LB and
that suitcase of his. Hey look at this weird photo here. Whoah dude! Freaky! I’m getting outta here. Come on. LB, can you hear me? You in there? The receptionist said that
if anyone gets locked in they key would be on my nightstand. Gotta go find my nightstand. Okay, where’s the nightstand? Right over here. That’s a clue? That’s not a clue, it’s napkins. Wait a minute. Napkins come from the dining room. That must be where the key
to Ghost Chaser LB’s room is. But I’m gonna need my ghost blaster to go into that dining room. Suit up! All right, time to go
take care of some ghosts. (laughing) All right, let’s get
out my new ghost meter. If there’s any ghosts in this room. Whoa what is up these lights and this hat. What’s under this hat? (roaring) A note. A nine. Maybe it’s something in room 9. Okay onto room 9. (door slams) (panting) Okay this is room 9. All right, whoa. (snoring) I need backup. Come in Grampa Ghost Gary you there? Come in Grampa Ghost Gary. – Hello. Oh it’s my walkie talkie. Come in Ghost Chaser Aaron. What can I do for you buddy? – I’m here inside of a haunted hotel and this place is freaky and I can’t take on all
these ghost by myself. I need help man. – You hold tight, I’ll be
there in a blink of an eye. – Okay I’m gonna go check
out this weird bathroom while I’m waiting for you. (farting noise with toilet flushing) Aw! Whoa dude! It’s a skeleton. (electrical current zapping) Whoa look at the toiler paper. Oh wow, there’s a message. (electrical zapping) – Whoa! What you doing man? It’s me, Grandpa Ghost Gary. – Oh you scared me dude! – Well you scared me. – I didn’t know you could
get here that quickly dude. – You woudn’t actually
believe it, but I was — – There’s no time for your stories now. We gotta go find Ghost Chaser LB. – So what’s the next clue. – Let’s see, I kinda burned it. But I see egg. – Find an egg. – Oh wow you got that outta that? That’s pretty good. Okay anyway, egg. Where do we find an egg in the hotel? – I know, the kitchen! Let’s go to the kitchen dude, come on. – Okay! (electric buzzing) – Whoa what is that right there? – Turn it off, turn it off. – Oh I think that thing was
causing the light to go nuts. – Could be. – There’s definitely ghosts
down here in this kitchen. (roaring) – This place is haunted man. Oh okay, let’s just find this
egg and get outta here man. – Right. – Oh man look at all the smoke. – I don’t see any eggs. You’d think there’d be
eggs in the kitchen. – I don’t see any either. Hey maybe it’s in the refrigerator. Okay let’s open the refrigerator. Be ready to blast it when I open the door. – You got it. – Okay here we go. Oh there’s the eggs man. Wow! – Man that smells bad. – Hey look it’s a giant surprise egg. I think that’s the clue right there. Let’s get that outta
there and close this door so we don’t smell those eggs anymore. I think this is the clue
we’re looking for here. Okay you ready? – Yeah – Gonna open it up. – Okay, okay here we go. Here we go. (both scream) Spiders man! Okay they’re gone, they’re gone. It’s another clue with this note. – What does it say? – The rooms on the right
will reveal the light. – The rooms on the
right, hey maybe it’s all the rooms on the right upstairs. – Back upstairs again? – Oh man, the stairs are killing me. Come on. (Grampy grumbling) Grab your blaster and let’s go! – [Grampy] Man this up and down
these stairs is killing me. – [Aaron] Could they make
these clues any higher? – [Grampy] I hope this is the last time we have to come up here. (ghost howling) – Okay we gotta check every door on the right of this hallway. – Let’s do it. – Let’s go. – No, no, no, the other right. The other right. – Oh yeah. No I know, I was just testing. Seeing if you knew your
left from your right. Here we go. – [Aaron] Sorry we
didn’t mean to interrupt. Y’all just go back to what your doing. – Oops. – Oopsy. Okay look. There’s one room left. This better be it. Okay here we go. Hey look, its a lantern. That must be the light, come on. There’s a key! It’s a skeleton key. – [Grampy] Just take it and go. – Okay okay. Let’s get outta here. (eerie tones) – There’s a ghost guarding the door now. – There’s too many
ghosts in this building. We’re gonna need a trap for this one. Why don’t you stay here
and keep an eye on it and I’ll run and get the trap. – Okay, he’s not gonna get past me. – Okay I got the trap. Here’s what we’re gonna do. We’ll power up our blasters. We’ll both blast the ghost
and when it’s contained, you keep the ghost in position, I’ll deploy the trap okay? – Okay. – Let’s power these babies up. – On the count of three. – Three! (electrical current running) – [Aaron] All right we got it. You keep it in position. – I’ll hold it. – I’m gonna deploy the trap. All right now on the count of 3, turn off your blaster and look away. 1 2 3! All right! – I think we got it. – I think we got it. – (whispering) That always hurts. Let’s go get Ghost Chaser LB! Ghost Chaser LB we got ya. – Man I was scared in there. But thanks guys. – What happened in there? (ghosts howling) – Oh man, get your blaster. All right let’s get them boys! – Let’s get these guys. – Power them up. Wait a minute. There’s too many, the trap’s already full. We can’t take on this many ghosts. Let’s get outta here! (yelling and crying) – Thanks for staying. – [Announcer] Hey fans, tap
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