Why should I purchase the timeshare when I could just rent a hotel every time I want to go on vacation um you know this is another one of those questions that really is just gonna be personally based on a couple of different things Yes you absolutely can choose to just go stay in a hotel anytime you want however if you look at the accommodations for a hotel room Versus the accommodations for a timeshare resort you’re gonna see a lot of differences typically a hotel room is a small little room with two beds No, kitchen no privacy whereas if you’re staying at a timeshare resort typically you’re gonna have the option to choose a one-bedroom a two-bedroom sometimes even a three or four bedroom depending sometimes even a penthouse and you’re going to have different things like a lot of times you’re gonna have your pool you’re gonna have maybe a game room different facilities different options of things that you can use whereas with a hotel most of the time they don’t really have it or if they do it’s on a smaller end it’s not quite as luxurious as a timeshare resort as far as choosing to pay as you go with a hotel Yeah you can choose to do that the way I like to look at it is if you stay at a hotel once a year every year and you’re paying $200 a night let’s say you go for five nights that’s a thousand dollars just on the room and you had a great vacation but the money you spent is gone and Then say you go On vacation again the next year and you spend a thousand dollars again and it’s gone and you continue to do this year after year well if you find that you tend to go every year If you travel for 20 30 even 40 years that’s gonna be twenty thirty forty thousand dollars or more because of inflation That at the end of the day it’s just gone you know you have great memories you had a great time with your family great vacation but you don’t really have anything tangible to show for them that you spent Whereas with a timeshare if you choose to purchase a timeshare it’s gonna be a base price of you know ten twenty thirty thousand however much it is but at the end of the day once it’s all paid for Other than your maintenance fee you now get to vacation for free every single year so It really just depends on your vacation style I would say if you know you’re only gonna go once every two three four five years Then you know maybe pain as you go might be a better option or on the flip side you can look at it like hey if I buy a timeshare It’s gonna force me to go every year which I’m sure your families would love and appreciate getting that quality time every year So they both have their pros and their cons to them but at the end of the day it’s just what works best for you So I’d say do a little bit of research on both and you know maybe crunch some numbers and see you know what you’re paying per night when you usually vacation and how many nights a year you typically go and you know if it’s gonna be more than ten twenty thirty thousand dollars then it would definitely be worth it to look into maybe purchasing a timeshare