Hi guys, this is Danny Dangoor with TigerChef and today I’m gonna be showing you Russell’s Cut and Gut fish knife. So first thing about this knife: it’s got a sharp sharp sharp edge. This is because when fish are really slimy they’re very hard to cut. Other than that, it’s also very flexible because it’s gotta be a bendy knife whenever you’re cutting fish. Now I’ve are gone and cleaned this out. I see this one had actually lot of roe in it so
what’s going to happen is usually when you’re cleaning things out, you don’t have time to put your knife down, scoop out all the roe and put it away. So what Russell decided to do was make
a little spoon that you can just scoop out all the roe and put it on the side, and then to seal it up after you’ve gotten all
the roe out. You can put this on the side and move on to your next fish. And that’s the genius of the Russell fish knife. You know not all of us need to get all the roe from the fish. So actually this is also good
for is if you just want to get all the guts just start at the base and just drag everything out. And that way
you can clean without getting rid the knife in your hand. You have one tool that does everything:
cutting getting out all the guts out. That’s the Russell Cut and Gut knife. If you want to get this knife, click the link below or visit us at TigerChef.com And if you wanna see more instructional videos, subscribe to our link below. Thanks