hi guys this is Dan Dangoor with TigerChef
and today we’re going to be talking about Dexter chef knife serious I’m gonna be going over the Dexter chef
knife series. This right over here – we have an
8-inch knife it also comes in a 10-inch and also as a 12-inch. The longer the
blade the more skilled you should be. It’s
very hard to deal with the bigger blade but you
actually get more range of movement. As for the handle goes, it’s
actually a very comfortable grip. It comes in different colors so if you want to
use one just for meats you could have a red one. If you want one just for dairy
you can have a yellow one, and white could be versatile so up to you it’s your choice.
The metal that’s used is the 440 high carbon steel. This gonna hold your blade
beautifully and it’s easy to sharpen and it’s got a very very nice shape to
it. So that is the Dexter Chef Knife series for you. When it comes to getting chef knives for your kitchen, Dexer is definitely one of the most reliable and affordable. They’re definitely my go-to if I want to get
multiple knives. So if you wanna go pick up this item, bigger
knives, smaller knives, go check us out at TigerChef.com click the link below and also if you wanna
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