Design is not just about the way things look. It’s more about how you can make a space feel good. If your intention is to be warm and kind and take care of people, then that needs to be the starting point for everything you do. So we always look at how a space will affect how people feel. Something that makes them have a better experience by being in that space. I travel a lot and travel can be extremely brutal. As we all know, airports can be pretty stressful experiences. They’re brightly lit, chaotic. In the Cathay Pacific space the most important moment we felt was going into the lounge, the boundary between the noisy, stressful airport and this kind of sanctuary, if you like. But that was extremely conscious, so the light is low, the level of sound is quite soft, the materials are warm and tactile. So we really wanted to orchestrate that transition from one world to the next. I want that somebody feels that someone cares, but I also want that it feels heartfelt. One of the lovely things that I’ve heard is that people sometimes leave work early just to be in the lounge for an extra hour, which is pretty unheard of. It’s really a joy, I must say, to go through the lounges now and see people chatting, relaxed, happy, It’s not common in airports, and it’s just so rewarding to see it working.