Hey there folks, this is Todd with
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Snyder and Company at StudioFour8 and
who you see in front of you right there that is Patrick. He is the manager here
at Cream & Crumb, in Depot town. He’s got the neat Ollie’s hat on-top of
his noggin but he’s gonna tell you the relationship between Ollie and Cream &
Crumb. We’re highlighting these two locations because this is one of my
favorite locations here in Depot Town. We live just down the road. Awww. Yeah. And, Patrick takes such good care of not just myself and my wife but also
another crew that hangs out here at Cream and Crumb. But, Patrick tell us a
little bit about Ollie’s and Cream & Crumb. Yeah, so we used to be Cafe Ollie,
I think that’s what a lot of people know us as… for about eight years we were
that in Depot Town and then about a year and a half ago we decided to take over
this side of the business and we built the connection between the two and so we
moved the Cafe and Bakery to this side and we up-scaled next door to the
farm-to-table cocktail bar that it is right now.
So, we’re an in-house bakery. We make everything by scratch, it’s all locally
sourced ingredients and then all of our coffee is roasted right down the street
at Hyperion… and we just got our liquor license too, which is super exciting
because we can do some fun things like boozy milkshakes. I don’t think
a lot of people do this or know how did that we do this but we also do cocktails
on draft, which is frickin’ cool. So, Patrick just a word about that one…
because my mind is still exploding over it. You have craft cocktails on draft?!
Yeah, so when I rolled in here and said hey Patrick I want to shoot a video here…
one of the first things you did is say we’re gonna set you up with a cocktail,
which one of you having? And they have an old-fashioned on draft. I have an
old-fashioned sitting on the table behind me right now. Patrick, that’s just
amazing. What else do you have on draft here, or what do you have plans for? We have the Rye Cappuccino…so it’s
Canadian Rye, our espresso, turbinado simple syrup that we just batch together,
into like five gallons. And then when you pull it out we make our own little
whipped cream to go on top with some chocolate shavings, so it looks like
cappuccino. And, I don’t know we’ll probably do some more fun things that
will change seasonally because our ingredients will. But we’ll
always have two… so yeah. Well, and I can attest that the Cream & Crumb and
the Ollie’s old-fashioned, no matter what flavor bourbon or rye you throw in
there- it is absolutely delightful. I will go as far as to say I believe it is the
best old-fashioned in Washtenaw County. Word. I’m just gonna put it right out
there for you. So, this is my recommendation that if you want a craft
cocktail, you gotta hit Cream & Crumb you gotta hit Ollie’s.. depending on what
you’re looking for — if you’re looking for baked goods… if you’re looking for a
little something more substantial roll over to Ollie’s over there… great stuff as
well, to go along with your craft cocktail. Patrick, what’s the
uniqueness… what’s the purpose or not necessarily the purpose… but what is the
significance of being here in Depot Town? Is there something specific about Depot
Town that keeps you all here? Yeah, I think Depot Town’s growing bit by bit every
year and I think it’s fun to be in the center of it.
Everyone in Depot Town is also really close, which is super cool. Like, I know
the owners of every restaurant in town and see them every day. They’re not
separated from their businesses which is nice. They’re all still like small town
people, so it’s a lot of fun to work in it… but yeah it’s getting to
where I think everyone kind of wants it to be. It’s a lot of fun. Very, very true.
It’s a lot of fun to watch Depot Town become a destination spot. In fact I
think… I forget who said it but they stated that Cross Street here in Depot
Town was one of the…. what, five most popular? Not most popular, but what was the designation? So APA, the American Planning Association named
Depot Town, Cross Street, the one-of-five best neighborhoods in America, this year.
Which was pretty damn cool. So, it was based on like, how the businesses are going, what’s moving in, what’s been sustained… stuff like that.
Very, very cool. Events, yep. Excellent! Well, Patrick thank you for your time today, I appreciate that immensely. Folks if you’re watching this video and you’re
wondering where Cream & Crumb and Ollie is located this is Depot town, in downtown Ypsilanti. This is cross street. Come right on by and check things out.
Thank you so much! Yeah, thank you.