Hey everyone! Back with me again Laura Angelia and today I want to share to you guys one place that I recently visited, and I really love this place because this place is not like any other places that
I’ve been reviewing It’s not a cafe It’s not a restaurant It’s just a small humble…. Hmm… In indonesian we call it “Depot” But, in English I guess it’s a small
food stall, probably? And they sell a lot of.. emm..
Surabaya’s original food so I’m really excited to share to you guys
about this one place called Depot Lontong Mie Bu Sindar So if you want to know my lunch experience in
Depot Lontong Mie Bu Sindar just stay tuned until the last minute of
this video, ok? and without further ado let’s get going I hope you guys enjoy this video as much
as i do while I’m making it If you like this video please give it a thumbs up and if you want to know about
Depot Lontong Mie Bu Sindar I’ve already written all about it on my blog, it’s in.. you can go to my sit e and just read everything about it don’t forget to subscribe to my channel
because i always make a new video every week and I’ll see you guys on my next