Hey hey! John Jay! You must fire MBJ! Hey hey! John Jay! You must fire MBJ! We are here today because John Jay College
of Criminal Justice has enabled egregious crimes against working people by employing
MBJ as its food service vendor. The National Labor Relations Board has even
alleged that MBJ has violated federal labor law [Boooooooo!] We know that the employees reported harassment
and wage theft and discrimination. We know that the employees testified at CUNY’s
November public hearing, and they told stories about working overtime with no pay, about
working in hazardous conditions with grease traps that are not cleaned or maintained. John Jay College must do better than this. All of CUNY must do better on all of its campuses. As a proud CUNY graduate, I lend my voice,
obviously, to this fight to stand up for workers, not only here at John Jay, not only all throughout
CUNY campuses, but all throughout the city. We will not be silent until these workers see
decent wages, benefits, paid sick leave and labor peace on all CUNY campuses. So I’m calling upon CUNY to cancel the contract
for this vendor, to get a new vendor, and to stand up for workers’ rights, and to continue
to respect and demand justice for these workers.