Hello everyone myself Beena and welcome to my channel Tangy kitchen Today we will make veg paratha which is delicious Kids don’t like to eat vegetables Kids love to eat veg paratha We make it different Let’s start making paratha WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR – 1 CUP (READY DOUGH) PANEER- 1/4 CUP CAPSICUM- 1/2 CUP(CHOPPED) CABBAGE- 1/2 CUP(GRATED) CARROT- 1/2 CUP(GRATED) GARAM MASALA- 1/2 TSP SALT TO TASTE RED CHILLY POWDER- 1/2 TSP TURMERIC POWDER- 1/2 TSP ONION- 2 TBSP(CHOPPED) GREEN CHILLY- 1 ,GARLIC- 4 TO 5 AND GINGER SMALL CHAAT MASALA POWDER- 1/2 TSP JEERA- 1 TSP CORIANDER LEAVES- 2 TBSP OIL AS NEEDED Preparation for stuffing Put kadai on gas Add 2 to 3 tbsp oil in it Oil is heated now Add jeera in it Keep the flame slow Jeera is crackling now Add ginger, garlic and green chilly paste Add chopped onion Mix well Roast it till they become light pink Onion became light pink in colour Add capsicum Mix well Cook for 3 to 4 minutes Capsicum is cooked now Add grated cabbage Add grated carrot Add salt to taste Add turmeric powder Add red chilly powder Add garam masala Add chaat masala Mix well Cook for 3 minutes Add paneer and coriander leaves Mix well Stuffing is ready now Off the gas Take out into a plate for cool down Make equal part from dough Take peda and dust with flour Make roti with rolling pin Put roti into plate Make another roti same way Make roti same size Take stuffing with spoon Spread stuffing with spoon Make thin layer of stuffing Put another roti on it Close edges of roti properly Take fork and Make design on roti Sprinkle whole wheat flour on roti both side Roll roti with rolling pin Put tava on gas for heat Tava is heated now Put paratha on tava Keep the flame slow Flip paratha Flip paratha from another side Add little oil on paratha Flip paratha and add oil another side Roast paratha till it become crisp from both side Paratha is ready now Take out paratha into a plate Prepare left over paratha same way Stuffed veg paratha is ready You surely try it at home Give me feedback If you like my video than give LIKE SHARE with your friends SUBSCRIBE for more recipes Will you meet again THANK YOU BYE